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Compass Virtual 2020

Please fill out the form below to register for the Compass 2020 virtual events.

1. Student Name (First):

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4. Do you currently have WhatsApp and a Zoom account?

What's WhatsApp?

5. What's your cell phone number?

6. May we use this number to text you throughout the Compass month with updates, check-ins, etc.?


7. Which events are you interested in joining?

Opening and Closing Sessions
Daily Table Talks
Parents Meeting (as in, my parents will plan to attend)
WhatsApp Community Thread
Compass Challenges
Theology Week Discussions
Virtual Solo Days
Searching for a wild moose and then taking a selfie with it
Weekly Hangout Sessions
Iceland Prep Sessions
Socially-distanced hot air balloon rides
Ignatian Discernment Session
I found a moose and attempted a selfie and that did NOT go well so expect to hear from my lawyer