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Since Compass’ inception in 2001, we’ve had over 500 students from more than 30 states and 4 different countries participate in our program. And they’ve a lot to say about their experience with Compass! Here we’ve collected a handful of testimonials from our student participants, parents, and the people who recommended students for our program. 

“Compass has been the best month of my life.”
Brynn, student

“Compass has really shown me that God has a plan for my life no matter where I may be in life.”
Mary, student

“Compass has truly been a life-changing experience. It challenged me in ways I never knew I needed to be challenged.”
Anna, student

“I found a joy at Compass I haven’t found in a long time…I learned I am not alone and I am more confident in who I am in Christ.”
Emma, student

“My time at Compass was a pivotal point in my growth as a person and as a Christian. It has forever shaped the way I see Christian fellowship and how I interact with those closest to me.”
Akash, student

“I can’t point to another period in my life where I learned so much in such a short amount of time. It truly altered the course of my life.”
Brian, Student

“The Compass program captures the purpose and excitement of God’s adventure for us all.”
Kris, parent

“Every participant that I have nominated for Compass has returned … more motivated to pursue a more intimate relationship with Jesus…and more effective in serving the church.”
Andy, pastor