Payment and Registration


Tuition for Commonwealth Learning courses:

$325    Online course

$225    Graduate credit

$50       Administrative fee

$600 total per course 


To Register Please Complete Both Steps Below:

1. Fill out the New Student Form to create your student account at:

2. Register for the courses(s) using the form below.

Payment Options:

  • Up until two weeks before the start of the course, a bill will be sent to the student's home address, and payment is required within three weeks of the bill's print date.
  • Within two weeks of the course starting, payment by credit card is the only way to ensure registration. Download the credit card payment form here and call or fax it to Student Financial Services at:

                    P 978.867.4246 | F 888.889.5784

Withdrawal and Refund Policy:

Prior to registering, please review Gordon's Registration, Withdrawal, and Refund Policy.


Courses: (all are 3 graduate credits)

EDU592 Supporting Phonemic Awareness

EDU593 Instructing Phonics and Spelling

EDU594 Developing Comprehension

EDU595 Increasing Fluency

EDU596 Building Vocabulary

EDU597 Integrating Five Core Reading Skills

EDU598 Close Reading with Standards

Register for Commonwealth Learning Online Courses

Please complete this online form as a request to register for Graduate Education courses. This form will be submitted to the Graduate Education Office. For question #1, please put the first and last dates of each course using this format: 00/00/0000 - 00/00/0000.

1. I am registering for courses on the following dates:

2. Last name

3. First name

4. Middle name or initial

5. Maiden name (if applicable)

6. Date of birth (Month, Year – i.e. May, 1973)

7. Primary phone

8. Email

9. Please select all that apply:

This is my first graduate course at Gordon College
I have previously taken graduate courses at Gordon College
I attended Gordon College for a portion or all of my undergraduate degree

10. Course #1 - EDU_ _ _

11. Course #1 - Title (name as listed)

12. Course #1 - Credit Hours

13. Course #1 - Tuition

14. Course #2 - EDU _ _ _

15. Course #2 - Title (name as listed)

16. Course #2 - Credit Hours

17. Course #2 - Tuition

18. Course #3 - EDU_ _ _

19. Course #3 - Title (name as listed)

20. Course #3 - Credit Hours

21. Course #3 - Tuition

22. Course #4 - EDU_ _ _

23. Course #4 - Title (name as listed)

24. Course #4 - Credit Hours

25. Course #4 - Tuition

26. Teaching license held:

No license

27. If I am within the two week window before this course starts, I will pay by credit card to guarantee my registration. Please go to for the credit card form to fax or the Student Financial Services number to pay by phone.

I agree

28. I have read Gordon College's Registration, Withdrawal, and Refund Policy, and I agree to comply with its stipulations.

I agree

29. If upon completion of courses a balance is due on my account, I will be charged an interest rate of 15% annually (1.25% monthly). If my account is turned over to a collections agency, I understand I will be responsible for all collection and legal costs.

I agree, and by selecting this option I accept all terms.

30. If I should have a credit balance on my student account, I authorize Gordon College to hold that credit until I request a refund.

I agree

31. The best way to contact me is:

32. Comments/Questions: