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Courses and Descriptions

EDU592 Supporting Phonemic Awareness (3 Graduate Credits)
This course will provide educators with an understanding of phonemic awareness and approaches for promoting these skills in their classrooms. Participants will focus on effective methods for assessing and analyzing students’ phonemic awareness abilities and will learn to create activities to strengthen their proficiency levels. This course will culminate with the development of individual plans to incorporate phonemic awareness activities into the curriculum.

EDU593 Instructing Phonics and Spelling (3 Graduate Credits)
Offers a highly structured approach for teaching phonics and spelling based on a variety of proven programs and approaches designed for teachers.

EDU594 Developing Comprehension (3 Graduate Credits)
Provides instruction of several best practice research-based comprehension techniques while integrating technology.

EDU595 Increasing Fluency (3 Graduate Credits)
Supplies assessments for determining fluency levels as well as methods to increase it. Video segments demonstrating strong and weak fluency skills are provided along with technology tools that will illustrate the participant’s learning of the fluency concepts.

EDU596 Building Vocabulary (3 Graduate Credits)
Introduces participants to several vocabulary sequences of instruction coupled with strategies for teaching vocabulary using technology and visuals.

EDU597 Integrating Five Core Reading Skills (3 Graduate Credits)
Reviews the essential components for the five reading skills and provides techniques to integrate the components throughout all academic areas.

EDU598 Close Reading with Standards (3 Graduate Credits)
Teaches how to implement close reading in the classroom as a vehicle to rigorous analysis of text through asking text-dependent questions, helping students make thoughtful inferences, and using multiple entry points to help bring students “inside” the text. Develop classroom strategies and techniques to gain optimal student engagement with the challenging material. Culminates with the development of a week-long close reading lesson plan.

Dates are subject to change.

Upcoming 2018-2019 Course Dates
July 12–August 29, 2018
September 27–November 14, 2018
January 10–February 27, 2019
May 2–June 19, 2019