Online Reading Courses

Commonwealth Learning Online Institute

Reading Certificate: The Five Essential Components of Reading
In partnership with Gordon College, the Commonwealth Learning Online Institute (CLOI) is offering online courses in literacy. Each course is designed to provide an in-depth knowledge base of the different components of reading using research-based resources, assessments, and strategies. Instruction is provided in assessment administration and analysis, as well as learning strategies for teaching each skill. All courses focus on job-embedded practices implementing standards-based instruction for English Language Arts.

Gordon College offers a Reading Certificate: ‘Mastery of the Five Essential Components of Reading’ for completing CLOI’s Six Essential Reading Skill 3-credit facilitated courses.

How to Apply and Register for Courses and Graduate Credit:

1. For more information and course registration, visit CLOI's website by clicking here.
2. Following course registration on CLOI's website, please complete the steps below to register and pay for graduate credit:
     a. Fill out the New Student Form which allows Gordon College to set up a student account.
     b. Register and pay for your course through our CashNet system.

Complete your New Student Form and register for graduate credit through CashNet by clicking here.

Registration, Withdrawal and Refund Policy
Prior to registering, please review Gordon's Registration, Withdrawal and Refund Policy.
There is no refund for an online course once it begins.