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Clarendon Scholars Alumni Connections

Clarendon/New City Scholars Alumni Information

Hello Alumni! We are so happy that you took the time to complete this form. This information will be kept confidential within the college. We really appreciate your participation.

1. Full Name:

2. Home Address

3. Personal Email

4. Cell Phone Number

5. Place of Employment

6. Work Email

7. Work Phone Number

8. Additional degree(s) attained since graduating from Gordon College (ex: Master’s in Education from Boston University)

9. Are you currently working on attaining a higher degree? In what institution and field? (ex: Master’s in Education from Boston University)

10. Are you interested in connecting to the program and current scholars by:

Becoming a mentor
Being part of an alumni panel
Being a special guest during program and cohort meetings
Providing internship opportunities in your employment
Conducting workshops in your area of expertise
Becoming a Clarendon Scholars Advisory Committee member (working with the program at Gordon)?
Becoming a Clarendon Scholars Alumni Committee member (working with program alumni)?
Attending Clarendon Scholars Alumni network nights

11. Clarendon Day is when we invite candidates for the scholarship to visit the college and be interviewed individually and in a group setting. Would you be interested in being:

One of the individual interviewers?
Part of the student or parent lunch?
A group facilitator and/or observer
Part of the student and alumni Q&A panel?

12. Please specify other ways you would like to connect with the program and any questions or comments you may have.