Children's Choir Registration

2015-2016 Children's Choir Registration

All new and returning students must submit a registration form each season. To register your child for Children's Choir, please complete and submit the form below. If you would like to register multiple children, please complete one form for each child. Please note: all fields are required.

1. Child's First Name:

2. Child's Last Name:

3. Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy):

4. Gender:


5. Mailing Address:

6. City:

7. State:

8. ZIP:

9. Phone:

10. E-Mail:

11. Parent/Guardian Name:

12. Please list an emergency number and contact name for the days of attendance:

13. Please list any allergies or medical conditions:

14. Is the student involved in any other musical activities? (Private lessons, choir, etc.)

15. Has the student performed in Children's Choir before? (If yes, please tell us when he/she started and for how long he/she has been performing.)

16. What grade is the student ENTERING in Fall, 2015?

17. What school does the student attend?

18. Please list any languages (besides English) spoken at home:

19. Is either parent of the child employed as full time Faculty or Staff at Gordon College


20. If yes to employment question above, please list name(s) of faculty and/or staff and department

21. Is either parent of the child a full time student at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary


22. If yes to Seminary enrollment question above, please list name /s of full time student

23. NOTE: Publicity photographs will be taken during Children's Choir.

Yes, I understand that photographs will be taken and I give my consent for Gordon College to use these photographs for promotional purposes.
Please do not include my child in photographs.

24. Submitter's initials: