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CFI Lenten Devotional


We invite you to join us this Lenten season in prayer, in contemplation, and in anticipation. Please enter your name and email address to receive the weekly readings.

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Dear Friend,

We warmly welcome you to the readings in this Lenten devotional from the Center for Faith and Inquiry (CFI) at Gordon College.

Hope in Suffering is the theme for all of the CFI’s lectures, Visiting Scholars series, events in Boston, and the Symposium this academic year. As we reflect on this theme, we recognize the ever-present nature of adversity and anguish in a fallen world. However, as the Lenten season reminds us, we yet remain a people with great hope, and this is because of a great Savior. Indeed, Christ has not abandoned us; rather, He has given Himself for us. Through the death and Resurrection of Christ, we find the promises of restoration, life, redemption, and, ultimately, realized hope.

Lent has traditionally consisted of forty days of fasting plus six Sundays, beginning with Ash Wednesday and finishing at Easter. Throughout history, across traditions, and around the world, Christians have embraced a diversity of practices and understandings of how Lent is to be observed. This diversity is reflected in the various backgrounds of the Gordon College faculty and staff we have asked to contribute to this devotional. They are Christians of different gender, race, nationality, and denomination. However, as demonstrated by the readings they humbly proffer us, they are unified in the person and work of Jesus. In the same way, Lent’s three central unifying emphases have always been 1) prayer and fasting, 2) repentance, and 3) a tension-filled longing for the alleviation of suffering. In each of these emphases, there is a marked anticipation for these hopes to be realized in Christ.   

So, we at the CFI invite you to join us this Lenten season. We invite you to pray with us. We invite you to contemplate, to repent, to mourn, and to anticipate. Ultimately, we invite you to celebrate with us in the Death and Resurrection of our Lord Christ. For indeed, “therein lies our hope” in this life and the next. 

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William D. Barker
Director of the Center for Faith and Inquiry