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Think Tank

Think Tank to take place July 26–28, 2016.

Theme: Christian Flourishing in Modernizing Brazil and China


  1. Exploring the implications of Pluralist Theory in each of our contexts.
  2. Examining Love of God and Love of neighbor, and understanding our calling in these arenas.
  3. Exploring the horizontal (Love of Neighbor) more carefully in terms of society and politics.
  4. Developing the contours of a strategic plan.


Tuesday, July 26

2:00 pm     North Shore tour (optional)

5:00 pm     Campus tour (optional) 

6:30 pm    Dinner at Provost’s house: Eat, Meet, and Greet

Wednesday, July 27

8:30 am         Prayers, Welcome & Introductions

9:00 am         Modernity, Pluralism and their Impact on Christian Faith, Dr. Kaye Cook

9:30 am         Session 1: Theology and Ministry: The American Evangelical Tension between Love of God and Love of Neighbor, Dr. Sharon Ketcham

10:30 am        Country Breakouts:      

  1. In what ways does the Protestant growth in your country reflect or shape global evangelicalism?
  2. What church movements (pastors, theologians, denominational heritage) in your country inform your current theological commitments to love of God and love of neighbor? 
  3. In what sense is it true, or not true, that the church has emphasized the “vertical” to the detriment of the “horizontal”?
  4. Who are the contemporary leaders (pastors, theologians, thought leaders) providing theological frameworks for love of God and love of neighbor?
  5. Where do you see pluralism impacting Christian faith and practice, either positively or negatively?
  6. How has pluralism shaped your country?
  7. What efforts have Christians made in your country to engage socially and politically?  Have these contributed to the greater good? What would be done?

12:00 pm    Reconvene and Report

2:00 pm    Session 2: Politics, Sociology, and Culture: What are the opportunities and challenges for Loving Neighbor Dr. Ruth Melkonian-Hoover, Dr. Dan Johnson

2:30 pm    Country Breakouts

4:00 pm    Reconvene and Report

4:30 pm    Prayer 

5:00 pm    Adjourn

6:00 pm    Lobster Dinner: Ipswich Inn, 2 East Street, Ipswich MA

Thursday, July 28

8:30 am    Prayer & Praise

9:00 am    Cross-cultural exchange: Distinctives and Universals

10:00    Break

10:30 am    Where do we go from here? 

1:00 pm    Meeting adjourned

2:00 pm    Boston tour (optional)