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About the Center for Evangelicalism & Culture

The Center for Evangelicalism & Culture is dedicated to supporting exploration of the varieties of evangelical expression in diverse contexts around the world. It serves as an umbrella organization for such on-going initiatives as the President’s Internationalization Initiative (which is part of the campus strategic plan for 2020), BioLogos, and other faculty research priorities, primarily within theology and the social and natural sciences, including a recent 2015 summer grant on values.

In addition, we will foster new initiatives and disseminate grants, each with some cross-cultural and evangelical component.

The center also sponsored the Templeton-funded conference, held April 17–19, 2015, “Evangelicalism in Brazil and China: Current Perspectives, Future Directions”, in association with the proposal’s Advisory Board and Peter Berger. On Saturday during these meetings, we held a pastor’s conference for Brazilian-American and Chinese-American pastors, called “Faith Alive: What’s next for Brazil and China," also funded by the Templeton Foundation. Learn more about the conference >>