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Biblical Languages Concentration Courses

The Biblical Languages concentration is part of the Biblical Studies major. The courses below list the general requirements for all Biblical Studies majors followed by the specific requirements for the Biblical Languages concentration.


Students majoring in biblical studies are required to choose a concentration from:

  • General Biblical Studies
  • Old Testament
  • New Testament
  • Jewish Studies
  • Biblical Languages

In addition to the three core requirements (BCM 101, BCM 103 and BCM 308), the following courses are also required.

    Biblical Interpretation (8 credits):

    Theology (8 credits) fulfills core theology requirement:

    Note: Students in the biblical languages concentration may waive one theology requirement. 

    Seminar (4 credits):

    Biblical Languages Concentration

    Students who wish to establish a concentration in biblical languages will take four courses in Greek, two courses in Hebrew and will write at least two exegesis papers. Students normally must be in the final term of a language sequence (BCM 304 - Seminar in Greek Exegesis: Gospel of Mark, or BCM 312 - Hebrew II) before beginning an exegesis paper. One of the exegesis papers is to be in the Hebrew language area and the other in the Greek language area. It is anticipated that exegesis papers will normally be written in connection with biblical language courses. But in unusual situations, if a student has already completed the prerequisite biblical language courses and still needs an exegesis paper to complete the concentration in biblical languages requirement, the paper may be completed as follows: An exegesis paper may be written in a biblical studies course or in an independent study with the written permission of the instructor and the appropriate biblical language professor. While not a formal part of the requirement, coursework in linguistics is also strongly recommended for students opting for the concentration in biblical languages. Students completing the biblical languages concentration are exempt from completing  BCM 492 - Senior Seminar in Biblical Studies.

      Required Courses:

      Old Testament (4 credits) one of:

      The Gospels (4 credits) one of:

      Pauline Studies (4 credits) one of:

      Minor in Biblical Studies

      Minor requirements ➔