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Bible Translation Application

A complete application to the Bible Translation program includes three references and the online application form below. All application materials must be received by the first Friday in April.


Please have at least three individuals complete the reference form below: a Gordon College faculty member, someone in a leadership position at a church or a mentor or counselor who knows you well, and a Gordon College peer leader, such as an RA, RD or similar position.

Reference form (PDF)

Gordon College Bible Translation Program App

Thank you for taking the initiative to fill out this application form for the Bible Translation Program. All application materials must be turned in by the first Friday in April. Please note that finalists will be requested to complete an in-person interview as part of the evaluation process.

1. Full Name:

2. Best Email Address to reach you:

3. Best phone number to reach you:

4. Permanent Address:

5. Country of citizenship/country that has issued your passport:

6. Are there any known reasons at this time why you may be absent from campus for a semester or more (internships, study abroad, leaves of absence)? Please explain.

7. Date of birth (month/day/year):

8. Anticipated graduation date (month/year):

9. Major(s):

10. Minor(s):

11. Current overall GPA:

12. Current GPA in the major(s):

13. Other than English, what languages do you speak fluently or proficiently?

14. Please describe why you are applying to the Bible Translation Program and what you hope to accomplish. Reflect upon your own personal journey of faith and how you feel God is calling you to consider this program. How does the program meet your academic, personal and/or professional goals? (2 to 3 paragraphs)

15. What qualities or strengths do you possess that will contribute to your success in the program? (1 paragraph)

16. Please list and describe any previous experiences with missions, evangelism, or Bible Translation, including the organization. What was the experience like? How has it shaped your view of God and missions? (1 to 2 paragraphs)

17. As of now, to the best of your ability, describe how you see yourself being involved in Bible Translation in the future. How would you support Bible Translation, and in what capacity? Is there a country or area of the world that particularly interests you? (2 to 3 paragraphs)

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