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CBMW Personal Training & Nutrition Consulting

Thank you for your interest in personal training and/or nutrition consulting at the CBMW. We are confident that your experience will provide the motivation, information, structure, and support you need to reach your wellness goals. Our certified personal trainers are here to help you get and stay motivated, giving you new ideas, exercises, and information that will allow you to make measurable progress and attain your wellness goals. When you decide to work with our certified wellness professionals, you make a great investment in your health.

Personal training and/or nutrition consulting is a way to define your fitness goals around what your body needs. It’s a way to stay accountable to your personal goals whether they involve improvement in cardiovascular function, increase in strength, balance or flexibility, weight management, energy return or other areas of focus. Your trainer will create a personalized program based on your goals.

Nutrition Consulting

Throughout the years of failed diets and wasted money by grossly improperly informed consumers, one non-negotiable tenet of biology has remained: you must engage in healthy habits of energizing your body for its daily activities with the appropriate types of nutrients in the appropriate amounts in order to live healthily and be healthy.

Facilitated by our nationally certified trainers and wellness professionals, you will lose fat pounds through a healthy change in consumption and prudent, individualized exercise recommendations. Through consultation and body composition analysis you will learn how to efficiently combine diet and exercise for a lifetime of healthy success. Setting healthy goals and time frames to achieve these goals will be paramount in this safe, and empowering learning environment.

As you embark on your journey towards health and wellness, please remember:

  • Consistency is important. Daily activity (for even 30 minutes) can help you in reaching your goals.
  • Tracking your food and beverage intake on a daily basis (even generally) can go a long way to realizing your nutrition and weight management goals
  • Your trainer/nutrition consultant is available to answer your questions and help you with your fitness/wellness program at any time.

*Introductory 60-minute 5-pack (new clients only): only $225


Single session: $65
3-pack: $192 (Save $3)
5-pack: $312 (Save $13)
10-pack: $600 (Save $50)
20-pack: $1,100 (Save $200)


Single session: $55
12-Pack: $600 (Save $60)

What should I expect the first time I meet with a trainer/nutrition consultant?
Your trainer will learn about you and what you hope to accomplish. They will explore your exercise and health history and discuss with you any injuries or medical conditions that might have an effect on your training or nutrition consulting approach. With this information, they’ll begin developing your exercise program or healthy eating framework, starting with an assessment.

What can I expect to be instructed in during my session?
Exercise and healthy eating should be fun and we want your personal training/nutrition consulting experience to be both beneficial and a good time. Our trainers and nutrition consultants focus on the main components of physical fitness: balance, stability, flexibility, cardiovascular exercise, strength training and the basic components of nutrition and healthy eating approaches. In a relaxed, welcoming environment, trainers will balance these seven components to help you meet your goals.

What are the certifications, credentials, and backgrounds of CBMW personal trainers/nutrition consultants?
As a minimum, our trainers/nutrition consultants hold at least one nationally recognized certification (ACE, AFAA, NASM, ACSM, NSCA, etc.) in addition to successful completion of a BS in exercise science or related field from an accredited college or university, therefore demonstrating appropriate levels of knowledge in the field of health and wellness and exercise science. In addition, the majority of our trainers/nutrition consultants have additional certifications related to specific populations. Each year they acquire continuing education credits to maintain these certifications.

What if I have a special health condition or medical concern that may impact my program?
We are a medically-based wellness facility and as such, we intentionally connect with our client’s medical team to gain helpful information in safely and effectively designing progressive and measurable programs for our clients. Our trainers’/nutrition consultant's knowledge base and breadth of experience, combined with our clinical setting (physical therapy) allow us to cater to: those transitioning from physical therapy of any type; pre-/post-rehabilitation; those with cardiac/pulmonary issues; those with Parkinson’s; post-stroke; post-traumatic/acquired brain injury patients; those with peripheral neuropathy; those with diagnosed or undiagnosed vestibular and balance issues, with or without fall risk; those with chronic disease and athletes looking to gain strength. Our trainers/nutrition consultants will work closely with your relevant health professionals to ensure that your program is safe and effective.

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