Wellness and Fitness

 Independent Membership—$60/month

Any healthy individual, over the age of 50, may become a member of our facility. Our independent member package is based on a month to month payment. Independent members enjoy the flexibility of putting memberships on hold, and paying on a monthly base. No contract is involved for payment, and no exiting fees. 

The facility may be used anytime during normal business hours. Monday–Thursday 7 a.m.–6 p.m. and Friday 7 a.m.–5 p.m.; closed on Weekends

Personal Training

1 hour                                      $70 per session
                                                  $650 package of 10 (SAVE $50)
½ hour                                     $40 per session
                                                  $350 package of 10 (SAVE $50)
Personal Training is a way to define your fitness goals directly to what your body needs. It is a way to stay accountable to exactly what your personal goals are, whether it is improvement in cardiovascular, muscular strength, balance, or flexibility. The trainer can create a personalized program depending on your goals. Whether you want to improve your golf or tennis game or simply increasing your endurance to have a full day of shopping. 

Assisted Membership—$85/month

For individuals who would benefit from exercise assistance, we offer one of the most unique memberships in the Fitness Industry.  Our facility has selected times during the week when our fitness staff is available to assist you in a group setting.  Individuals who sign up for the Assisted Exercise membership can use the facility two times per week during the specific selected times. This membership option allows individuals, who otherwise would have difficulty exercising on their own, a chance to receive the benefits of exercising at our facility.

One-on-One Membership

Individuals enrolled in this membership are not capable of exercising on their own. Special appointments, two times per week, are scheduled with a member of our fitness staff. This service is provided on a limited basis and requires approval from our physical therapy department and the fitness trainers.


Wellness Classes