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Neurological and Movement Disorders

Our physical therapists at the CBMW are specifically skilled in assessing and treating individuals with neurological conditions, including but not limited to: neuropathy; stroke; neuromuscular disorders, such as Multiple Sclerosis; cerebellar disorders; neurodegenerative disorders, such as Parkinson’s Disease; and other similar conditions called Parkinsonism.

Most, if not all, of these conditions can affect an individual’s movement, gait, balance, and ability to perform activities for daily living, as well as social and recreational activities. It is our passion as therapists to assist our clients in managing the effects of these conditions and provide education, exercises and activities to allow our patients to live full and active lives.

Whether you may have been recently diagnosed with a neurological condition, are unsure why you are having difficulty with walking and balancing, or have been living with a condition for some time and may be experiencing changes in your movement, we can assist you.

Initial Visit

At the CBMW you will receive a comprehensive initial evaluation, which will allow us to better determine how your neurological condition is affecting your movement and understand how those difficulties are affecting your daily life. We will obtain baseline measures by which we can track improvement, risk for falls and safety with a variety of activities. We will establish a plan of care consistent with your goals.


The results of the evaluation are used to create a customized therapy program designed to achieve your goals. Therapy is given one-on-one and includes therapeutic exercise, balance and coordination activities, sensory training, muscle strengthening, stretching and gait training. We use state-of-the-art equipment and evidence-based treatment techniques to effectively and efficiently achieve your goals.

We provide extensive, condition-specific client education to empower you to best manage your condition. At the completion of your therapy program, your therapist may suggest a future follow-up visit to monitor your goals, see that you’ve maintained function and revise your exercise program as needed. Research indicates that ongoing exercise is essential for maintaining optimal health. Your therapist may also suggest continuing to exercise in one of our wellness classes or with our wellness staff for some personal training.