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First Year Offerings

One of the major adjustments to college is transitioning from high school academics to the demands of college scholarship. To help you in this transition, Gordon offers a 2 credit course called GEN175, Applications of Learning Theory.  This course is both theoretical and practical—you won’t just hear about how to study but will apply it to your own classes as well. The goal of the class is for students to learn to understand the principles of learning and how they can use them to optimize their personal learning in college.  This course examines topics from learning theory such as memory, metacognition, and higher-order thinking and assists students to apply them to personal learning.  Students learn to create study and exam preparation plans, apply different levels of thinking to learning, create a system of self-management, understand the implications of learning styles and apply principles of active learning to reading and listening tasks.

To sign up, look for Optional Courses and select GEN175.

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