STILLPOINT Archive: last updated 12/10/2012

On Location

Aerial photo of Gordon College campus

Our faculty bring to Gordon College not just their intellectual achievements but their “place histories”—where they’ve lived, explored, and made a difference. Featured here are faculty members Bruce Herman, Greg Keller, Ian and Margie DeWeese-Boyd, Tim Ferguson Sauder, Jessica Ventura, Jennifer Hevelone-Harper, Daniel Darko and Provost Janel Curry.

Faculty/staff email, 10/24/2012:

Dear colleagues,

If you notice something that looks like a mini-helicopter hovering over the campus tomorrow, please do not be alarmed. Do not call Public Safety or the Wenham Police or the CIA. It’s not the War of the Worlds; it’s not the Rapture (and you’re not about to be Left Behind); it’s merely . . . Skycam, an electric remote helicopter camera for aerial filming and photography. Tomorrow Skycam will be taking photos and filming Gordon's campus for the Office of College Communications.

Watch an aerial fly-over video of Gordon's campus >>