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All Hall Championship

The All-Hall Championship is a year-long competition between hall affiliations for points based on their participation and success in Rec-IM activities. At the end of the year, the all-hall trophy is presented in Chapel to the hall affiliation with the most points.

Current Hall Affiliations

Bromley and Off-Campus
Ferrin and Drew
The Village
Wilson and Lewis (Defending Champions)

All-Hall Points System

League Registration (per person): 5
Attend Captain's Meeting: 15
Win a League Game: 20
Participate in a League Game: 10
Playoff Bonus: 25
Place First in League: 100
Place Second in League: 50
Sportsmanship Bonus: 100 (4.7-5.0) or 50 (4.5-4.69)

Tournament Registration (per person): 5
Place First in Tournament (per person): 10
Place Second in Tournament (per person): 5

Follow on social media (per person): 1

Place first in Highland Games: 200
Place second in Highland Games: 150
Place third in Highland Games: 100
Place fourth in Highland Games: 50

All Hall Champions

18-19 Wilson/Lewis Halls
17-18 Wilson/Lewis Halls
16-17 Wilson/Lewis Halls
15-16 Wilson/Lewis Halls
14-15 Bromley/Off-Campus
13-14 Off-Campus/Tavilla Hall
12-13 Off-Campus/Tavilla Hall
11-12 Fulton/Nyland Halls
10-11 Off-Campus/Tavilla Hall
09-10 Fulton/Nyland Halls
08-09 Bromley/Ferrin/Road/Drew Halls
07-08 Bromley/Ferrin/Road/Drew Halls
06-07 Bromley Hall
05-06 Bromley/Ferrin Halls
04-05 Wilson/Lewis/Evans Halls
03-04 Wilson/Lewis/Evans Halls
02-03 Tavilla Hall
01-02 Tavilla Hall
00-01 Ferrin Hall
99-00 Bromley/Drew Halls
98-99 Ferrin Hall
97-98 Ferrin Hall
96-97 Ferrin Hall

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