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Airport Shuttle

The Highland Express offers transportation to Logan Airport before and after major breaks, which includes:

Matriculation (Beginning of Fall Semester)
Thanksgiving break
Christmas break
Spring break
Finals week

Fall Semester 2018

  • Shuttles (Logan Airport to Gordon) will run on Monday, August 27 & Tuesday, August 28.
  • Students - Sign up for a Thanksgiving shuttle by filling out the following form: Airport Shuttle Sign-up
  • Deadline to sign up is August 15, 2018


Signing Up

How do I pick a specific time for a shuttle?

  • A shuttle time will be assigned to you once you provide your flight time based on the earliest time you can leave campus and others using the airport shuttle on the same day.

What if I prefer not to ride the shuttle assigned to me or what if a shuttle is not available on the day I'm traveling?

  • Highland does not offer shuttles on other dates.
  • In this case, you have a few different options: 
    • You could ask a friend to give you a ride.
    • You could place a posting on student news.
    • You could call a car company.

Catching your Shuttle

How do I ensure that I do not miss my departing shuttle from the Chapel loop?

  • You should be at the Chapel loop no later than 15 minutes before your departure time. Shuttles depart from the Chapel loop promptly at their listed departure time. A $20 fine may be applied to your student account for any missed shuttles.

Where do I meet the Highland Express at Logan Airport?

  • All Highland Express shuttles leave from Terminal E. Take airport transportation to Terminal E. If you do not know your arriving terminal, you can check here.

How do I ensure that I do not miss my departing shuttle from Logan Airport, Terminal E?

  • If you are running late, your driver will call or text you in order to get your estimated time of arrival. If you will be more than 30 minutes late to the shuttle you signed up for, you may be reassigned to a later shuttle time or you may need to find alternate transportation.

Why are the departure times from Logan - Terminal E more flexible than the departure times from the Chapel loop?

  • This is because heavy traffic patterns, poor weather and/or flight complications affect both our ability to be on time and your ability to be on time. For this reason, we are slightly more flexible when departing from Logan. 

Cancelling, delaying or rescheduling your shuttle

How can I cancel my shuttle?

  • You should email the Highland Express at at least 3 days (72 hours) in advance. If you do not email us to cancel, we will assume that you still need a ride. 

What if I forget to cancel my shuttle and I don't show up?

  • You must cancel your shuttle ride at least 3 days (72 hours) in advance of your departure or arrival shuttle time or a $20 fine may be assessed to your student account. The only exception is if you have flight complications that are beyond your control. Documentation may be requested to avoid a fine.

Can I reschedule my shuttle ride if my flight is canceled?

  • Possibly. Please email the Highland Express at . We cannot guarantee we will have a shuttle ride available at your desired time.

What if I just forget to show up for my departing shuttle?

  • You may be able to reschedule for a later shuttle. However, if there is not an open seat we cannot guarantee space for you. Additionally, you may be assessed a $20 fine due to the missed shuttle (see above).

What if my arriving flight comes in late and I cannot make my shuttle time?

  • If your flight is late, email the Highland Express as soon as possible at . We may be able to schedule you to a later shuttle, but there is a possibility that the next shuttle is full or canceled due to lack of interest. We cannot guarantee we will have a shuttle ride available at your desired time. If your flight is late, you miss your shuttle and there is not another one that works, we recommend calling a car company, taking the MBTA, or calling a friend.