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Adventure Pursuits

Adventure Pursuits offers outdoor team building programs and other wilderness experiences for groups of all ages. Our programs equip participants to discover more about themselves and cultivate a greater sense of community through adventure learning. These outdoor challenges are customized for each group and are tailored to their specific goals. Our participant-to-staff ratio makes it so that larger groups can also work closely with our facilitators. Each facilitator works with 10-15 participants. By creating smaller groups, participants have more opportunities to participate. Those who participate in Adventure Pursuits enjoy a supportive environment that is focused on fun, leadership and character development.

What does it look like?

Low Ropes Course

Team building provides fun and engaging ways for groups to get to know one another, learn how to work together and problem solve as a team. Team building principles such as encouragement, respect and servant leadership are drawn out through our activities.

High Ropes Course

During our high ropes events, groups have the opportunity to climb course elements like the Indiana Jones Bridge, Catwalk or Cargo Net. Participants learn to test their limits and develop confidence. All participants are an essential part of the support system on the ground, encouraging one another and helping the belay staff.


We can adapt the Adventure Pursuits program to the needs and goals of your group. As a part of the overnight experience, groups come and stay overnight, either camping at the ropes course or staying in residence halls on Gordon College’s campus. Before or after the overnight stay, your group can participate in low ropes and high ropes activities.


On our backpacking trips, you can trek through the wilderness in the White Mountains of New Hampshire on a 3- to 5-day camping trip where you will hike to waterfalls and experience beautiful mountain views. Groups learn about Leave No Trace principles and develop basic camping and servant leadership skills.

Who is it for?

Adventure Pursuits is ideal for churches, schools and organizations of all types. Our programs are a good fit for those looking to build character, develop a positive identity, and experience serving and caring for others. Time spent on challenge courses and other adventure activities promotes team building and leadership skills through experiential learning.

Why does it matter?

At Adventure Pursuits, we believe growth happens when we step out of our comfort zone and try things that are challenging. We use experiential activities to safely push participants to grow in perseverance and character, and demonstrate that taking risks and failing can lead to growth. Throughout the day, your group will get to know one another on a deeper level which will lead to more integrated group dynamics moving forward.