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Adventure Camp Staff FAQ

How do I apply to be on staff?

  1. Fill out the new staff application or the returning staff application found online. If you are applying for a leadership role, the deadline for applications and references is January 17. For all other roles, the deadline is January 31.
  2. Ask three people who can comment on your qualifications and character to fill out recommendation forms. Recommendation forms (found here) can be filled out by professors, employers, mentors, church staff/members, RDs, RAs, Gordon staff members, Sherpas, Discovery leaders, etc. Recommendation forms by relatives or peers will not be accepted.
  3. Once the application and recommendation forms have been submitted, the Adventure Camp director will contact you to set up an interview.

Where will I live?
All staff (not including high school counselors in training) are provided with housing. La Vida Adventure Camp staff live in a residence hall on campus. Staff will live with one to two people in a room. This hall will provide a kitchen, dining area, and meeting space for staff.

Are meals provided?
All meals are provided for Adventure Camp staff. Lunch and snacks are prepared by individual staff members. Breakfast and dinners are prepared to eat family style. Additional food is available for staff to make their own meals on weekends.

Can I receive credit for a co-op or internship?
Many students decide to fulfill a co-op or internship while working with La Vida Adventure Camp. Meet with your academic advisor or the career services office for more information on how to complete a co-op or internship. 

What is the staff pay rate?
We strive to pay staff responsibly while maintaining a reasonable price for campers. Staff members are compensated based on the number of years on staff, the role being performed, and on relevant certifications or experience. We require that each Adventure Camp staff member send out ten Prayer/Support letters to help La Vida supplement the stipend amounts. 

If interested, additional income can be earned by working for other La Vida programs like Adventure Pursuits before summer training or with Adirondack Expeditions in New York in May or August. Please inquire with the La Vida office for more information on these work opportunities.

Are there additional benefits to working for La Vida?
Yes! Glad that you asked. In addition to your stipend, you will get room and board which is an estimated savings of over $750. Staff will receive technical skill training in activities such as ropes course facilitation, indoor rock climbing, canoeing, kayaking, mountain biking, and CPR. All Adventure Camp Staff will also receive a free Rock Gym pass and Bennett Center pass for the summer. In addition, there will be lots of fun to be had!!!

What certifications do I need? 
All staff members are expected to have current CPR, first aid, and Level 1 Gordon College Ropes Course certification. Certain roles also require lifeguarding, additional medical training, and/or a Gordon vehicle license. If staff members don't have these, they should contact the La Vida office regarding obtaining them (before training if possible).

What does the summer schedule look like?
If you need CPR, first aid, or Level 1 Gordon College Ropes Course certification, you may need to move in prior to the official start of staff training in June. The beginning of 2018 staff training will be determined during the winter. Since training will start at 8 a.m., staff currently certified in CPR, first aid, and at the ropes course should arrive the day before. It will include evening sessions, so please confer with the director about any potential evening conflicts during training.

The 7 week-long sessions of Adventure Camp will run Monday–Friday. Staff members are officially done after clean-up, celebration, and evaluations are completed after the last week of camp. All staff must be moved out of the residence hall by that Sunday at noon. 

The staff is expected to be flexible in their working hours. Staff will occasionally need to prepare on their own time during evening or weekend hours. Summer hours for counselors are generally as following: 8 a.m.–5 p.m. Monday–Thursday and on Friday until 6 p.m. (camper hours 9 a.m.–4 p.m.). Other roles may include additional hours. Training Week Hours: 8 a.m.–5 p.m. Monday–Saturday. Night and/or Saturday training will happen occasionally and staff will be notified of and expected to attend all of the night and Saturday trainings. Please plan accordingly.

Will I have days off?
Yes. The staff will have Saturday and Sunday off during the camp sessions and Sunday off during the training sessions. Nights are typically free after dinner unless a staff event, training time, or overnight camp-out has been planned.

Are there community life expectations?
La Vida Adventure Camp is an opportunity to live and minister in a staff community that can grow and encourage one another. This is an intensive experience that can be a wonderful and memorable part of the summer. Every morning staff gather for worship, Bible study, and prayer as a way to frame the day. Staff are encouraged and welcomed to eat dinners together as a way to share life together. There will also be optional community nights which will involve off-campus activities and worship.

Adventure Camp staff are important role models for youth in the local area. It is important that all staff act with integrity knowing that they represent the camp both on-campus and off-campus. In agreeing to work for La Vida, all staff are expected to abide by the life and conduct statement for Gordon College.

Can I have another job in addition to working La Vida Adventure Camp?
La Vida has weekend work opportunities through Adventure Pursuits and the Rock Gym throughout the summer. Other part-time jobs are NOT allowed without the director's permission. We expect staff to have Adventure Camp be the primary focus during the summer, and we expect that staff will use some time off to rest so that they will have energy to work with youth during the week.

What is the staff absence policy?
Every staff member is essential to the Adventure Camp. Therefore, missing any sessions or trainings puts a serious strain on the camp and is not permitted without permission from the director. Staff must inform the director about any days where there is a conflict before signing a contract. Only two excused days maximum will be allowed for weddings if permission is given beforehand. Permission will not be given for any other events, obligations, or family vacations.

If staff members are sick, La Vida Adventure Camp will provide up to two days of paid leave. After two days, pay will be docked from stipends for additional time off. The Camp Health Supervisor reserves the right to determine if a staff member should take sick time to protect campers from a communicable disease.