La Vida Center for Outdoor Education & Leadership
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Returning Staff Application

We are currently hiring for the following staff positions:

  • Adventure Counselor
  • Activity Specialist: Canoeing, Kayaking, Mountain Biking, Rock Gym, Ropes Course, Nature Explorers
  • Counselor in Training (formerly Junior Counselor) Program Director
  • Food Manager/Staff Cook
  • Assistant Director 

Staff Application Deadline: February 14th, 2014

We would like to have some of our staff members rotate between being counselors and activity specialists. If you are interested in splitting your summer between these roles, please make note of it on your application.

PLEASE NOTE: This form needs to be completed within 20 minutes or the page will time-out and all information will be lost. We suggest writing your answers in a Word document before pasting them into this application.

2014 La Vida Adventure Camp Returning Staff App

This form is for applicants who have been on the staff of La Vida Adventure Camp in previous summers. If you have been a Junior Counselor or worked for another La Vida program, but not for Adventure Camp, please fill out the new staff application

1. I have read that there is a 20 minute timeout period to this application and after 20 minutes everything will be erased. (La Vida suggests answering the short answer questions in a Word document before pasting them into this application.)


2. Name (Last, First, Middle Initial)

3. Date of Birth (00/00/0000)

4. Student Status

5. Graduation Year

6. Gordon ID# (if applicable):

7. Social Security # (for background check):

8. Present Address, City and Zip Code

9. Pemanant Address, City and Zip Code (if different from the above address)

10. Cell Phone

11. Email Address

12. T-shirt Size (unisex sizing)

13. Positions Applying For:

Adventure Counselor
Activity Specialist: Lifeguard/Canoeing
Activity Specialist: Lifeguard/Kayaking
Activity Specialist: Rock Gym
Activity Specialist: Mountain Biking
Activity Specialist: High Ropes Course
Junior Counselor Program Director
Assistant Director
Camp Registrar (question #15 isn't needed for this position)
Support Staff: Photographer (question #15 isn't needed for this position)
Support Staff: Food Manager and Cook (question #15 isn't needed for this position)

14. Dates that conflict with the summer schedule (due to weddings, graduation,etc.) The staff absence policy can be found on the staff information page of the website.

15. List any relevant trainings or certifications and the date they expire. Include CPR, First Aid, Medical Certifications, and Lifeguarding.

16. School year involvement: List your involvement ministries, clubs, sports and work

17. Based on your experience from last summer, what activity areas or aspects of community life would you like to be more involved with this summer?

18. Describe what your past experience with La Vida Adventure Camp was like and what you learned from that experience. How would that impact your leadership this summer?

19. What are the main reasons you want to come back to work at Adventure Camp?

20. What are your strengths and weaknesses in relation to the position you are applying for? How are you trying to improve your strengths and work on your weaknesses?

21. What have you been learning in your faith or about God this year? How will this affect your leadership this summer?

22. Describe ways that you would like to see our staff community life improve this summer