Thank you for your interest in being a Counselor in Training (CIT) for La Vida Adventure Camp. The Counselor in Training position is an incredible way to invest in middle school students and grow in your own leadership.

The early Counselor in Training application deadline (February 17) has passed. Applications are being processed as they come in. Apply today!

Applications will be accepted as long as positions remain open. If the application is still up, positions remain available. Applications will be considered individually when they are received.

PLEASE NOTE: The application below has a 20 minute timeout period and answers will be erased after 20 minutes. We suggest answering the questions in a document before pasting the answers into this application.

After submitting this application, have three references fill out reference forms. CITs who had three references last summer do not need to turn in new references. Once your application and references have been completed and sent to the La Vida office, the director will set up an interview with you. If you have questions about the Counselor in Training program, please call 978.867.4504 or email .

2017 Adventure Camp CIT Application

1. I realize there is a 20 minute timeout for this application and after that everything will be erased. (We suggest answering the short answer questions in a document and pasting them into this application.)


2. Name (last, first, middle initial)

3. Date of Birth

4. Address, City and Zip Code

5. Home Phone

6. Cell Phone

7. Email Address

8. Parent/Guardian Email Address

9. T-shirt Size (unisex sizing)

10. Current Year in School


11. How many years were you a camper at Adventure Camp?

12. Have you participated in the Adirondack Leadership Program (ALP)?

Yes, before 2016.
Yes, in 2016.
I've never done the ALP, but I'm interested in doing it this summer in addition to being a Counselor in Training.
I've never done the ALP program, and I'm not interested in doing it this summer.

13. Counselors in Training (CIT) may work for two or more weeks. Mark which weeks you are available to be a CIT.

June 16 & 17: Required Training
June 19-23: Session 1
June 26-30: Session 2
July 3-7: Session 3
July 10-14: Session 4
July 17-21: Session 5
July 24-28: Session 6
July 31-Aug 4: Session 7
Aug 7-11: Session 8

14. Please list your employment background, and include the employer, address, position, dates, a contact person, phone number, and if we may contact them.

15. List any Trainings or Certifications (Include First Aid, CPR, LIfeguarding, etc. and expiration dates)

16. Have you had any leadership or other experiences that will help you work well as a counselor in training? If so, describe how these experiences relate to being a CIT.

17. Select which activities you feel comfortable assisting in or would like to learn to do this summer.

Leading Games
Belaying at the La Vida rock gym
Mountain Biking
Leading Small Groups of Campers
Building and Property Projects
None of the above

18. What has been your past experience with La Vida? What did you learn from that experience?

19. What are the main reasons you want to volunteer with La Vida Adventure Camp? Why do you want to work with 10-13 year-olds?

20. If you could have a camper leave with one thing to remember or have learned, what would it be and why?

21. If your friends and family were asked to describe you, how would they do so? How would you describe yourself?

22. La Vida college-age staff are intentional about living out their Christian faith in God. We spend time each morning learning what it means to love God and love others. What does faith mean to you? Are you open to exploring issues of faith with others? What church or faith background do you have? (No experience or past Christian background is needed to be a counselor in training.)

23. Reference 1: Name, Address, Phone Number and Relationship

24. Reference 2: Name, Address, Phone Number and Relationship

25. Reference 3: Name, Address, Phone Number and Relationship

26. I understand that I need to have three reference forms submitted online in order for this application to be complete. The information I have provided is true and accurate.