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About ACE

The Association of Christian Economists (ACE) was formed in December, 1982, at the Allied Social Science Association meetings. ACE aims to encourage Christian scholars to explore and communicate the relationship between their faith and the discipline of economics, and to promote interaction and communication among Christian economists. ACE currently has approximately 300 members -- Christian economists in academia, business, and government, drawn from around the globe.

ACE-sponsored activities include:

    1. Faith & Economics, a review published by the Association of Christian Economists each spring and fall, includes news, book reviews, and articles dealing with the relationship between the Christian faith and economics.
    2. ACE Working Papers series.
    3. Professional sessions and an annual meeting, held as part of the annual gathering of the Allied Social Sciences Associations in the US every January.
    4. Occasional fellowship and professional gatherings held at other times and places.

Our current ACE officers are:

President --

Michael Anderson (Washington and Lee University)

Vice President --

Julie Schaffner (Tufts University)

Secretary-Treasurer --

Sara Helms McCarty (Samford University)

Executive Committee Members --

Daniel Hungerman (University of Notre Dame)

Nathanael Peach (George Fox University)


Members of the Faith and Economics editorial board are:

Editor-in-Chief: Kurt Schaefer (Calvin College)

Managing Editor: Lance Wescher (Covenant College)

Book Review Editor: Edd Noell (Westmont College)


The Ace Webmaster is:

Steven McMullen (Hope College)

For membership information, click here. To see the ACE Bylaws, click here. For other information about ACE please contact the Secretary-Treasurer.

An organization similar to but independent of ACE-North America serves economists around the world from its base in the United Kingdom--ACE-UK.  Their web-page can be accessed here. You can join the ACE-UK group from our ACE-NA website--just click here and scroll down the page.

For more information about ACE-UK contact their Secretary/Treasurer: Shirley Dex, 19 Champneys Walk, Cambridge CB3 9AW United Kingdom. To email Ms. Dex, click here.  


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