Lead by Example



student leaders vision

Initiative Seven:
Draw and commission servant-leaders who lead by example to influence the common good globally.

Gordon believes that every student is a leader in the making. The College is therefore committed to integrating intentional leadership opportunities across campus over the next five years. With a particular focus on servant-leadership, the College will equip students to elevate their contribution for Christ and the common good through experiences that allow them to learn and apply principles of Christian leadership. Students will be prepared for positions of responsibility as a natural extension of their commitment to service and excellence, which are hallmarks of lasting success.

We want to launch multidimensional people into multidimensional ventures, and that’s increasingly something the world wants to see. —Carter Crockett, Director of the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership

  • Implement a plan to track the percentage of graduates enrolling in graduate and/or certificate licensure programs, with the goal for this percentage to increase in 5 years
  • Free students to serve by reducing average student debt by 5 percent and median student debt at graduation. Develop accountability measures for students who opt to take on a larger share of debt.
  • Improve 4-year graduation rate from 61 percent to 67 percent
  • Increase overall full-time employment amongst graduates one year out
  • Launch three entrepreneurial ventures involving current students, faculty and staff that positively reflect Gordon’s values
  • Expand leadership development programs.
  • Sponsor two major conferences with new partners in the next five years and expand leadership programs (e.g. Q Ideas) with the intent of being recognized as a major hub for the development of Christian leaders in the New England region.
  • Define a set of programs and experiences for all members of the campus community to learn and apply principles of Christian leadership
  • Create a faculty leadership-development program to build up the next generation of academic leaders for Gordon College or other Christian institutions
  • Athletics as a leadership training program
  • Upgrade athletic facilities to adequately accommodate varsity, club and Recreation-Intramurals opportunities for students
  • Explore the possibility of adding one or two additional sports teams
  • Move Gordon athletics teams to a regular schedule of international or domestic missions or service contribution to a community at least every four years, so that each athlete has the opportunity to integrate their athletics experience with a global and multi-cultural mindset.
  • Ensure every varsity team is fully subscribed
  • Gordon College athletics will be ranked as one of the top two programs in our athletic conference
  • Increase retention of student athletes from 83 to 90 percent

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