Experiential Learning and Vocational Discernment



Internship vision

Initiative Five:
Blend experiential learning and vocational discernment opportunities into the liberal arts curriculum.

Gordon recognizes that a 21st century liberal arts curriculum must help students discern their vocations. Being thoughtful about curriculum means strategically connecting the Gordon academic experience to real-world opportunities through internships, guided vocational discernment and career counseling. Over the next five years, Gordon will implement a co-curricular transcript to help students identify how they have grown as people and professionals throughout college—a way of documenting that this is an education that works.

We believe that while the learning that’s taking place in the classroom will prepare you for a career, we also know the learning outside the classroom is going to prepare you. —Jennifer Jukanovich

  • Deliver on the Victory Promise by ensuring 100 percent of Gordon graduates will complete at least one internship experience; ensuring 100 percent of students will complete at least one qualified experiential learning opportunity in each of the four areas of development according to the College’s mission (intellectual maturity, Christian character, lives dedicated to service, and preparation for leadership worldwide); and implementing the co-curricular portfolio plan
  • Create a comprehensive center for personal and professional development that integrates elements from the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, advising, and Career Services, utilizing the resources of each relevant department, to be among the best of these services in Christian colleges
  • Require a multi-day co-curricular program to assist sophomores with the integration of their Christian faith into all aspects of their vocational development, including resume writing skills, practice for job interviews, and how to pursue their God-given gifts in the job market
  • Promote initiatives that explore the integration of technology in each discipline. Each program incorporates technology applications appropriate for the workplace in each field 

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