Leverage Location



Boston from a boat vision

Initiative Four:
Leverage our Boston location to become a global hub for Christian education. 

With its location near Boston—the international hub of higher education—Gordon is well positioned to be the most global Christian college in the country. A global future requires attention to the recruitment of diverse and international faculty, staff and students; the expansion of opportunities for students to study or work abroad; and the integration of more global voices into Gordon’s academic curriculum. Over the next five years, Gordon will strengthen its commitment in all of these areas and work to leverage its Boston location in pursuit of these objectives.

Our goal is not to try to tell the rest of the world how to think, but it is for us to understand God’s calling for us in diverse contexts around the world.
—Kaye Cook, Ph.D.

  • Better reflect the rich mosaic of the body of Christ through intentional selection, appointment or invitation of instructional and program staff, and intentional orientation and training for all faculty, staff and students
  • Be intentional about the recruitment of a diverse pool of applicants into all faculty searches
  • Enrich the student body through 20 percent enrollment of international students
  • Increase participation of faculty in workshops and training related to multicultural and global perspectives in curriculum content and pedagogy
  • Cultivate and track 110 new global connections annually to double the scope of Gordon’s global network
  • Intentionally form partnerships with churches and pastors of diverse domestic and international backgrounds in order to enrich an increasingly diverse and international student body
  • Launch a Center for Evangelicalism and Culture to support exploration of the varieties of evangelical expression in diverse contexts around the world, with particular focus on theology and the social and natural sciences, and facilitate interdisciplinary and global dialogue
  • All academic programs, including the core committee, will assess and adapt their curricula to integrate diverse global concerns
  • Global Education, working with individual departments, will provide at least one multicultural/international experience that meets program needs and student goals
  • Encourage at least ten student Fulbright applications and at least one faculty applicant per year

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