Deep Faith and Selfless Service



Worship vision

Initiative Six:
Bring Christ to the world through deepened faith, selfless service and compelling Christian witness.

For 125 years and counting, Gordon has been characterized by an abiding commitment to Jesus Christ and his work in the world. Gordon is dedicated to developing students in their faith and cultivating opportunities for vibrant Christian witness to its local and global neighbors. Over the next five years, Gordon will strengthen its support for student spiritual formation; increase opportunities for service; equip students to articulate their faith in the context of their vocation; and cultivate partnerships with other Christian schools, organizations and churches in the region and around the world.

We want to help our students to thrive spiritually here so that when they leave this place they’ll be better able to share Christ with the world. —Tom Haugen

  • Develop an interdepartmental initiative to help students grapple with the most common challenges to their spiritual life, including doubt, addiction, and the like
  • Develop a metric for measuring external church involvement, and work to increase the percentage of students actively involved in a local church community
  • Enrich the chapel experience with elements that create a positive impact on the spiritual development of students
  • Maintain high participation in meaningful service opportunities (one-third of the student body participating annually) within the Office of Community Engagement
  • Ensure that 25 percent of the student body will have participated in one or more missions trips by graduation
  • Increase the opportunities for all members of the campus community to cultivate a thriving personal relationship with Christ that equips them to articulate the gospel in a pluralist society
  • Assess the number of departments currently offering a capstone course in which articulating integration of faith with the discipline is a significant component, and increase this number by 20 percent
  • Develop and implement an on-going assessment process that ensures that the Core Curriculum is coherent and promotes clear faith-learning integration across disciplines
  • Form at least one international partnership through the Office of Church Relations for hosting regular (annual) church relations events/activities
  • Double the impact of the Office of Church Relations in strategic recruiting regions
  • Strengthen connections with Christian secondary schools through development of meaningful outreach and experiences
  • Host PRAXIS ACADEMY, and through this and other events (such as the Social Venture Challenge) position Gordon as a leader among liberal arts colleges for developing thoughtful entrepreneurial students

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