Gordon College Chapel

Gordon's Vision

A Passionate Commitment, A Worthy Cause

One person makes a difference. Many make an impact.


Gordon College is the preeminent Christian institution in the global hub of higher education, strategically positioned to be a “city on a hill”—a loving, vibrant academic community transforming the next generation of students who are distinguished by intellectual maturity and Christian character, committed to lives of service and prepared for leadership worldwide.

Our vitality and success in fulfilling this timeless mission rests not only on collective determination and hard work, but also the essential support of partners, friends and alumni of Gordon College. Your generosity—of time, prayer, and resources—allows us to provide a rich and deep Christ-centered learning and living experience.

Ultimately, as an institution and as individuals, we can distinguish ourselves through a high standard of excellence and faithful leadership for the common good. And we are stronger together than alone.

I invite you to join with us. 

President D. Michael Lindsay

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