USA Project Authors/speakers

"The USA with the World: Christian Voices for Peace with Justice"


John Bernbaum
Russian-American Christian University
The Leading Edge: How NGOs can be Agents for Democratic Change

Dorothy Boorse
Associate Professor of Biology
Gordon College
Toward a Sustainable Global Environment: Concerns About Science and Public Policy in the USA

Alice-Catherine Carls
Professor of History
University of Tennessee - Martin
The Middle East: The New Crucible

Peter Dula
Iraq Program Coordinator
Mennonite Central Committee
USA Humanitarianism: Complicity in a New Colonialism?

Carol Lee Hamrin
Research Professor (China Specialist)
George Mason University
Engaging a Global Chinese Society and Culture

Dennis Hoover
The Brandywine Review of Faith and International Relations
USA Promotion of International Religious Freedom

Thomas Albert (Tal) Howard
Associate Professor of History
Director, Jerusalem & Athens Forum
Gordon College
American Religion and European Anti-Americanism

James Turner Johnson
Professor of Religion
Rutgers University
Religion and Political Legitimacy: Three Models in Current Debate

Ron Mahurin
Vice President for Professional Development & Research
Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU)
Educating for the Role of the USA in the World

Paul Marshall
Senior Fellow
Freedom House-Center for Religious Freedom
The War on Terrorism in Light of Radical Muslim Violence

Steve Meyer
Professor of Political Science
National Defense University
The Emerging International System: The Issue of Governance

Daniel Philpott
Associate Professor of Political Science
Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies
University of Notre Dame
Reconciliation: An Ethic for a Policy of Peacebuilding 

Elizabeth Prodromou
Assistant Professor of International Relations
Associate Director, Institute on Culture, Religion, and World Affairs
Boston University
International Perceptions of the US Promotion of Religious Freedom: Views about Culture and Conquest

Robert Royal
Faith & Reason Institute
Popular Culture as a Lens for Perceiving the USA

Ron Sider
Evangelicals For Social Action
The Role of the United States in Light of the Perceived Materialism and "Moral Decline" of American Culture

Jim Skillen
Center for Public Justice
Israel, The United States and Zionism

Stephen L. S. Smith
Professor of Economics & Business
Gordon College
The United States and Global Poverty: How Can Aid Make a Difference?

Max Stackhouse
Professor of Reformed Theology and Public Life
Princeton Theological Seminary
Faith and Globalization