Urban Ministries

Urban Ministries

The urban ministries concentration is part of the Christian ministries major.

Students studying in the field of Urban Ministries will immerse themselves in the vitality and challenges facing contemporary urban issues, specifically in Boston, with application to other complex urban settings. This is achieved through student’s participation in the Gordon IN Boston urban semester program, which explores the urban studies topics of poverty, race, culture and community development. Each student will intern during their semester in Boston at either ethnic specific churches or in urban para-church ministries.

Foundations for Christian Ministries
BCM104  Introduction to Christian Ministries
BCM203  Gospel of Matthew or BCM317 Gospel of John
BCM253  Leadership Theories and Practice (may fulfill the Civic Responsibility Core requirement)
BCM260  Christian Formation & Culture (may fulfill the Human Person Core requirement)
BCM280  Christian Theology (may fulfill the Theology Core requirement)
BCM321  Evangelism and Discipleship
BCM335  Biblical Hermeneutics

Urban Ministries
BCM206  Foundations of Urban Ministries
BOS301  Urban Systems: Power, Justice, and Beauty in the City
BCM315  Educational Theories and Methods
BCM326  Church in the City

Integrative Capstones
BCM425/426 Practicum in Christian Ministries I, II
BCM491  Senior Seminar

BCM206  Foundations to Urban Ministries
BOS301  Urban Systems: Power, Justice, and Beauty in the City
BCM315  Educational Theories and Methods
BCM320  Expository Communications (2 credits)
BUS326  Church in the City (2 or 4 credits)
BUS425  Urban Internship and Seminar (4 or 6 credits)