Ultimate Frisbee Rules

• Must be submitted on imleagues.com/Gordon by deadline.
• Teams have one week after the first game of the season to adjust their roster.
• Teams may have a max of 2 free agents (players not from the team’s dorm affiliation).
• Gordon-Conwell as well as Staff teams may sign up but will be ineligible for playoffs.
• Seminary students, grad students, teachers and staff members count as free agents (RDs and their spouses are an exception).
• No player can play for more than one team, even if they are in separate leagues.

• Any sportsmanship issues may be brought to Rec-IM’s attention by email or in person as there are no referees

Forfeit Policy:
• Teams are allowed 2 forfeits before being removed from the league and stripped of their All-Hall points
• Please notify Rec-IM through email if you know your team will forfeit ahead of time
Inclement Weather Policy:
• If weather forces games to be cancelled, Rec-IM will notify captains 30 minutes before games start and captains must notify their team
• Games will be re-scheduled if it is possible but there are no guarantees
• If the Rec-IM must cancel during the first half, the game will count as a no decision
• If the Rec-IM must cancel during the second half, the game will count based on the score at the time

Playoff Eligibility:
• Players must play in half of the regular season games to be eligible for playoffs
• Make sure players sign in with their name and ID number so that it will count

Starting a Game:
• No more than six players from each team may be on the field at any time. At least two must be women. Teams may start with five players (still two must be women)
• The game will begin with a throw-off decided by rock, paper, scissors

Game Play:
• Two twenty-minute (20) halves in which the clock runs continuously
• At the end of the 2nd half, if a team is down by 1 point or tied and possesses the frisbee, they have one last possession to try and tie it up
• One three-minute halftime
• No metal spikes are allowed (shoes must be worn)
• Must make substitutions announced, and players must “tag” as one comes on and the other off. They can be made at any time as long as players tag out but it is recommended that they be made at a stoppage in play
• You may take no more than three momentum steps after you catch the frisbee
• Points are scored when the Frisbee is passed over the goal line and received by a teammate of the thrower. Players may not use their three steps to run over the line for a score
• If the Frisbee is not caught by a teammate of the thrower and there is no penalty on the defense, there is a change of possession
• If the “throw-off” at the beginning of the game—or after a point is scored—goes into the end zone, the offensive player may bring it out of the end zone five yards
• No holding or physical contact that inhibits the offensive player from catching the Frisbee. If so, the offense keeps the Frisbee at the spot of the foul. If there is inadvertent contact and it is evident the defensive player was also going for the Frisbee, there is no foul. Players call their own fouls
• Each team will get two timeouts per game
• If a player attempts to make a diving catch out of bounds, they must get ONE foot to touch inside the boundary for it to count as a legitimate catch
• If a player makes a catch running at full speed, you must make an attempt to stop immediately. Try to make it not more than three steps
• If there is a questionable out of bounds call and the teams cannot agree, the play must be re-done from the spot of the last throw. Often people on the sidelines have the best view, ask them.

• In the event of overtime, there will be a five-minute period.
• If the score is still tied at the end of overtime, there will be a sudden death period where the first team to score wins
• Each team gets one time out for overtime and sudden death, regardless of any timeouts they may have left over from the game
• For both the overtime period and if necessary, the sudden death period, captains will do rock, paper, scissors for 1st possession