Tuition Freedom Day

Produced and edited by Caleb Owen '15; Screen Credit: Will Martin '15

On Wednesday, April 2, all members of the Gordon College community were invited to celebrate Tuition Freedom Day 2014.

Stephen L.S. Smith, Professor of Economics and Business, gave an insightful chapel address entitled Generous Living, weaving personal anecdotes and biblical tie-ins throughout. Dan '74 and Darlene '74 Kuzmak followed Stephen with personal reflections on being active and giving members of both the Gordon Alumni community and of the greater church body. Finally, students were called to action, and over the course of the afternoon, wrote over 250 thank you cards to Gordon alumni and friends.

About Tuition Freedom Day 

Tuition Freedom Day (TFD) represents the last day that the students "pay" for their education in the school year. It is an awareness day to show how important donors (alumni, parents, friends, corporations, foundations, etc.) are to the College. Did you know that 42% of the College’s operating budget comes from sources other than students?

What is the purpose of Tuition Freedom Day?
The purpose of Tuition Freedom Day is to create awareness within the student body of the necessity of the College's fundraising endeavors. Without outside funding, the tuition for many students would dramatically increase. We hope to educate students about the importance of giving back to the College and how they directly benefit from the generosity of others.

It Pays to Say "Thank You"
Wednesday, April 2, is the day Gordon College will be celebrating Tuition Freedom Day. We will have a table set up in Gillies for students to write thank you notes to donors.

How much of tuition is covered by donors?
At Gordon, only 58% of the total annual cost to attend is covered by tuition. So, the remaining 42% of the cost for the school year is contributed by sources other than the student.

How many students on campus receive some type of financial assistance each year?
About 97% of students receive some form of financial assistance. 

Why do people give to Gordon?
Alumni give back to Gordon because they had a life-shaping experience while they were students here. Because there were donors helping to pay the costs of their education, they are now returning the favor for students today. Alumni giving also helps the College receive grants from foundations. When those closest to an organization give back, like alumni, foundations are more apt to give to those institutions as well.

Why is it important to say thanks to donors and what is the ultimate goal of Tuition Freedom Day?
Donors want to know that their donations are making a difference in the lives of students. Gordon relies on active and involved alumni who view Gordon as part of their stewardship plan. Foundations look at our College’s alumni giving percentage when determining whether they will give money to us. Our hope is that Tuition Freedom Day will foster a sense of stewardship and philanthropy within the students that participate and that eventually the students will join our community of donors who will give back to Gordon College. Join those who give to Gordon like the many before you! 

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