Gordon In Lynn
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Great Conversation Service Sections

We're excited you've chosen to attend Gordon and think you're in for an exciting adventure. Gordon in Lynn is a unique part of that adventure, one you'll have the opportunity to get involved with your first year. Here's how:

1) What is The Great Conversation (TGC)?

Every freshman at Gordon is required to take The Great Conversation, which introduces the Christian liberal arts tradition through reading, discussing, and writing about works and ideas of some of the greatest writers of all time. TGC develops disciplines of listening and reading, speaking, and writing, with emphasis on sharpening your writing skills.


2) What is a TGC Service-Learning Section?

Each semester, a large number of TGC classes are set aside as Service-Learning Sections. This means that a weekly service-learning experience in Lynn takes the place of one of your textbooks and becomes a new, living text from which you can contextualize your classroom learning for the semester. In order to be in a Service-Learning Section, YOU MUST OPT INTO A SERVICE SECTION WHEN YOU SELECT YOUR TGC CLASS. Please be sure you do this when you register!


3) Why Lynn?

Gordon in Lynn is a partnership between Gordon College and the city of Lynn. Lynn is the nearest urban neighbor to Gordon and is home to over 100,000 people, many of whom are immigrants and refugees from all over the world. You can't walk far without hearing Spanish, Russian, Khmer, Arabic, or smelling food from the Dominican Republic or Cambodia. Lynn is a city full of diversity and beauty that we have the privilege to be in relationship with.


4) What would I be doing?

Once you've registered for a TGC Service-Learning Section, we will come to your class at the beginning of the semester to show you the list of SALTeams (Serve and Learn Teams)—SEE BELOW. These are teams of up to 6 freshman from a TGC class who go once a week into Lynn with a Gordon in Lynn Intern. Each SALTeam is partnered with a community agency tutoring or mentoring children and youth, assisting with adult ESL classes, or working with adults with disabilities. You will have a chance during your class to look through the various SALTeam options and sign up for your top three options that work with your passions and schedule.

Contact Director with any questions.

Learn more about the Office of Community Engagement >>




  • after-school recreational activities with children focused on games, crafts, music and sports
  • church youth ministry or Sunday School programs
  • intentional lunch conversations in small groups at Lynn public schools
  • after-school academic programming with children focused on literacy 


  • after-school tutoring and hanging out with middle and high school refugee youth


  • day program for adults with various mental and physical disabilities
  • English or GED adult education classes for adults moving to Lynn from all over the world