While most of Gordon’s faculty, staff and administration still commute to work in their cars from their own homes, a small percentage (2%) are making their mark when it comes to sustainable commuting options. These include walking, bicycling, vanpooling or carpooling, taking public transportation, riding motorcycles or scooters, riding a campus shuttle, or a combination of these options. Ten percent of employees carpool or vanpool as their primary method of transportation
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Facilities for Bicyclists

Gordon College provides a covered bike rack and indoor showers for bicyclists in the Ken Olsen Science Building. There are also outdoor bike racks around campus for bike storage as needed.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan

Gordon College strives to make its campus more bicycle and pedestrian friendly by encouraging the use of bicycles on campus instead of using personal vehicles. Bicycle racks are provided at all major buildings and dorms for student and staff use. Major dorms have interior bicycle rooms for secure storage and winter protection. Air to pump up tires is provided 24/7 at the Physical Plant building.

On average, there are 300 bicycles on campus on any average day.
In general, there are more pedestrians on campus during any given day. As a result, pedestrians are given the right of way.