Summer Study Abroad

There are 3 options for summer study abroad at Gordon College:

  1. International Seminars through the Global Education Office. Consult the Global Education Office website for international summer seminar offerings and program details. Go to International Seminar and Summer programs.  
  2. Summer programs with Gordon Approved Partners. This includes programs like the Oregon Extension's May Term, summer courses at JUC, or the CCCU's Summer Programme in Oxford. Check out the list on the GEO program homepage.
  3. A summer program with a non-approved program

Students majoring in Youth Ministry and Social Work who are interested in Summer Practicums should start by talking to their departments.

First rule of Summer Study Abroad: always talk with your advisor! 

Follow the instructions for the option you've chosen:

If you're applying to a GEO international seminar, here are the steps:

  1. Go to International Seminar and Summer Programs
  2. Link to the program you're interested in and follow the
    application instructions.

If you're applying to summer program with a Gordon Approved partner
or a summer program not run by GEO or a GEO partner, here are
the steps. 

To apply:

  1. Fill out the Summer Study Abroad  Approval/ Course Information Form. (Available at the Global Education Office or Registrar's Office.) Please turn that form into the GEO.
  2. Download the Questions to Ask About Your Summer Study Abroad Program (PDF below).  
  3. Once you've turned in the Summer Study Abroad  Approval/ Course Information Form to the GEO, you may apply directly to program.

After you've been accepted into the program:

  1. Notify the GEO
  2. Fill out the Release & Hold Harmless and Confidential Emergency & Medical Information Forms for Gordon's Records (provided by
    the GEO)
  3. Fill out the Contact Emergency Form (provided by the GEO). Keep one copy for yourself and give the other copy to your Emergency Contact.

Please be aware that if the program is not a Gordon College partner, you may have to pay to have the transcript evaluated by an independent academic credential evaluation service. Further, having the transcript evaluated DOES NOT GUARANTEE that the credit will be accepted.


Summer Study Abroad Questions (PDF)
Questions to ask as you look at possible summer study abroad programs.