Course Summary

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Course Number Course Title Fulfills Core
ART  152  American Art History: Cultural Encounter Aesthetic  Sensibility
BCM 101    Old Testament: History, Lit., & Theology Common
BCM 103  New Testament: History, Lit., & Theology Common

BCM 308 

A, B, C, D, E  

Christian Theology Common
BCM 345 Effective Juvenile Justice Aftercare Models  
BIO 150 Cells and Genetics  
CHE 111 Principles of Chemistry I with Lab  
CHE 112 Principles of Chemistry II with Lab  
CHE 211 Organic Chemistry I with Lab  
CHE 212 Organic Chemistry II with Lab  
COM 248 Intercultural Communication Global Understanding
ECB 121   Excel: Business Applications  
ECB 362   Cost Accounting  
EDU 300 Theories of Language Acquisition  
ENG 146   Aesthetic Aspects of Literature  Aesthetic Sensibility (Lit)
ENG 147   Science and Literature Natural World (Lit)
ENG 148   Literature and Human Rights Civic Responsibility (Lit)
ENG 211  Introduction to Study of Language & Literature  
ENG 360  Biblical Narrative  
HIS 121  
Historical Perspectives: Culture, Belief, Civilization
KIN-BIO 213 Human Anatomy & Physiology I with Lab  Human Person or Natural World
KIN-BIO 214 Human Anatomy & Physiology II with Lab  
KIN 250    Animating Human Movement  Aesthetic          Sensibility
LAT 101    Latin I  Common
LAT 102    Latin II Common
PHI 118 A  The Examined Life Common
PHI 325   Eastern Philosophy & Religion Global Understanding or Human Person
POL 104   American National Politics Civic Responsibility 
PSY 220   Person in Psychological Context Human Person
PSY 244   Developmental Psychology Human Person
SOC 171 A  Collective Action and Social Movements  
SPN 371 A  21st Century Latin American Film Aesthetic Sensibility

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