Course Summary

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Course Number Course Title Fulfills Core (Pre-2016 / Current Core)
ART 152       American Art History: Cultural Encounter Aesthetic Sensibilities / Fine Arts
ART 371 Photographic Lighting for Studio & Location with Lab  
BCM 101      Old Testament: History, Lit., & Theology  Common
BCM 101      New Testament: History, Lit., & Theology Common

BCM 308     

A, B, C, D, E

Christian Theology Common
BCM 345 Effective Juvenile Justice Aftercare  
BIO 150 Biology I: Cells and Genetics with Lab Natural Sciences
CHE 111 Chemistry I with Lab  
CHE 112 Chemistry II with Lab  
CSD 371       Speech and Hearing Science  
ECB 101        Principles of Microeconomics Social Sciences  
ECB 102        Principles of Macroeconomics  
ECB 117        Principles of Accounting I    
ECB 121        Excel: Business Applications  
ECB 211        Statistics in Business and Economics  
ECB 245        Principles of Management  
ECB 277 Principles of Marketing  
ECB 361         Forensic Accounting  
EDU 300         Theories of Language Acquisition  
EDU 439         Classroom Management Middle/Secondary  
ENG 140 A      Core Sem in Lit: Literature of Exile and Displacement Literature
ENG 140 B      Core Sem in Lit: Climate Fictions Literature in a Time of Climate Change Natural World (Lit) / Literature
ENG 140 C      Core Sem in Lit: Magical Realism Global Understanding (Lit) / Literature
ENG 140 D      Nobel Literature Global Understanding (Lit) / Literature
HIS 115          American History Survey  
HIS 121           Historical Perspectives Common
KIN-BIO 213   Human Anatomy & Physiology I with Lab Human Person or Natural World / Natural Sciences
KIN-BIO 214    Human Anatomy & Physiology II with Lab Natural World
KIN 250           Animating Human Movement Aesthetic Sensibilities
LAT 101           Beginning Latin I  
LAT 102           Beginning Latin II  
NSM 202    The Scientific Enterprise Common
PHI 118            The Examined Life Common
POL 104          American National Politics Civic Responsibility  / Social Sciences
PSY 180          Person in Psychological Context Human Person / Social Sciences
PSY 245          Life Span Developmental Psychology  
SOC 333         Sociology of Gender  
SPN 102 Beginning Spanish II: Learning Spanish through Novellas Language Core

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