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Stranmillis University College - Northern Ireland


Stranmillis University College, a College of Queens University Belfast is approved for Christian Ministry, Biblical Studies, and Theology majors.

Stranmillis is a recognized leader in educational research, teaching and learning. Aimed at student teachers, and those involved in community education and youth work, this study abroad program combines an exciting and unique choice of academic modules with quality assured work-based professional practice and the opportunity to undertake community and voluntary service learning experiences.


While students can choose from a broad range of module, Stranmillis has developed a number of bespoke modules which are specifically recommended for international students, including:

  • Peacebuilding and Reconciliation
  • Northern Ireland Culture and Education
  • Young People, Community, and Culture

Other options include modules in:

  • Religious and Biblical Studies
  • Health, Physical Activity, and Sport
  • Education Studies
  • Early Childhood Studies

Students are also encouraged to take part in a work-based professional internship or a community and volunteer service learning practicum. A wide range of opportunities are available with educational charities, youth agencies, and faith-based organizations.


  • Have at least Sophomore standing at the time of application
  • Major or Minor in Christian Ministries, Biblical Studies, or Theology
  • Maintain a minimum GPA of 2.75


Stranmillis is on the ECTS system, and a class is typically worth 20 credits which equals 5 US credits. Students typically take 15 US credits per semester.


The cost of study at Stranmillis is the same as regular Gordon tuition and fees for a semester. Accepted students may apply all regular scholarships to the cost of the program. These costs cover:

  • tuition
  • room & board**
  • all associated academic fees.

Not covered:

  • Flights
  • Personal expenses
  • Independent travel
  • Visa (required if participating in a professional work placement)

Online Approved Program Seat Application

This application requests information that will be used to evaluate your eligibility for an off-campus program. The College reserves the right to grant seats to applicants based on proven academic performance, moral maturity and personal motivation.

Please fill out the application form below with your information. Your responses to these questions will be used in evaluating your applications for a seat in an off-campus program. We encourage you to take your time and write considered responses to the personal statement questions.

1. Date of application:

2. Semester:

3. Program:

4. In order to study abroad, all students are required to attend the safety and security meeting, the pre-departure seminar, and the re-entry seminar. (Unless your program is in the United States, please check all three.) I understand that in order to study abroad, I will be required to attend:

Safety and Security Meeting
Pre-Departure Seminar: 1 full-Saturday course at the end of the semester before you study abroad
Re-entry Seminar: 1 full-day, Saturday course at the beginning of the semester after you return to campus
Not Applicable: My program is in the United States

5. Last Name:

6. First Name (Given Legal):

7. Middle Initial:

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10. Date of Birth:

11. Place of Birth:

12. Country of Citizenship:

13. Valid Passport:

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14. If yes, what is the expiration date on your passport?

15. Full Name exactly as it appears on passport:

16. Email Address:

17. Campus Mailing Address:

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19. Parent/Guardian (Last, First, MI):

20. Parent/Guardian Phone:

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22. Parent/Guardian Address in full:

23. Emergency Contact if other than Parent/Guardian: (Provide Name, Address, Phone and Email in full)

24. Off Campus study can affect your eligibility for institutional, federal and state financial aid. Please check with your Financial Aid Office to determine eligibility status should you be accepted into an off-campus program.

I receive Financial Aid and will meet with my Financial Aid Officer to determine which forms of financial aid are transferable to this program.
I am not currently receiving any forms of financial aid.

25. Do you have any chronic physical conditions that require regular medical attention or that may be relevant for consideration in a program that requires physical activity such as walking, etc.?


26. Do you have allergies to foods, plants, etc.? Are there any prescription or non-prescription medications that you take regularly that you would anticipate needing while you are attending this program?

27. Do you have any learning disabilities you would like the program faculty to be aware of?


28. Current Class Level:


29. Expected Graduation Date:

30. Major Field of Study 1:

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40. What is your motivation for participating in the program for which you are applying? How does the program meet your academic, personal and/or professional goals? (AT LEAST 250 words)

41. What in your past experience (international, educational or other) has prepared you for success in this program? What qualities or strengths do you possess that will contribute to your success in the program? (AT LEAST 250 words)

42. In the context of your own personal journey of faith, reflect upon your willingness to engage culturally diverse expressions of Christian experience. What is your experience with such engagement? (AT LEAST 250 words)

43. The program for which you are applying is structured with conditions of greater personal freedom than is normally the case in a Christian college environment. How are you likely to respond to this greater freedom? (250 word minimum)

44. PIKE and IA MAJORS only: Please identify the name and provide a brief description of this program fits the specific requirements of your major/contract. (Has your IA advisor approved the program, or is this specific program written into your Pike contract?)