Dick Stout Testimonials

Richard (Dick) H. Stout, Ph.D.
Years at Gordon: 1980-present

Linda (McClintock) Nasman, class of 1988
I will always remember how, during one very intense lecture in abstract algebra, I was not quite following Dr. Stout in the lesson. My confusion must have shown on my face because Dr. Stout stopped and asked me what was confusing me without me even raising my hand. The question was quickly answered and the lesson continued. I have always remembered this example of how focused he was on his students and what a great teacher he was during my years at Gordon.

Sheri (Tolman) Niedermyer, class of 1991
When doing math homework for his class I would frequently spend too much time on a single problem. I would make a decision to go to his office during office hours and sit outside with other students and wait my turn to get in. When my turn came, I'd sit in the chair by his desk, explain my question, and usually follow it up with my own solution. A word or two from Dr. Stout would trigger my brain in the right direction, but we always claimed the clarity came from sitting in "the magic chair." That chair still sits by his desk, and I always ask him if the magic chair is still helping students today the way it helped me.

Ingrid (Snekvik) Libby, class of 1998
I wanted to thank Dr. Stout for his patience and ability to explain mathematic principals in different ways to ensure everyone really understood it. His teaching and guidance as my advisor were some of the best experiences I had at Gordon. I will never forget his wisdom and kindness.

Michael Yee, class of 2000

"There's nothing I like better than curling up in front of the fireplace with a nice integral."
--Dr. Stout, Calculus II

Being a fan of humor, I loved attending Dr. Stout's math classes because at any moment he might unleash one of his funny lines. It's been observed that people in certain fields, such as mathematics and physics, often have good/quirky senses of humor. I found Dr. Stout to be in a class of his own, and I appreciated how his enthusiasm and joking livened up his lectures. I believe that my understanding and appreciation of mathematics was significantly strengthened through my interactions with Dr. Stout. He was always willing to help and also 'humor' certain non-standard ideas about mathematics that I had from time to time.