Venetia Breene '14

Venetia has a passion for problem solving. She shared, “I wanted to connect advertising to causes that matter to me, but it wasn’t until I transferred into Gordon that I began to develop more clarity about what that might look like.” Internships also played an important role for Venetia. Interning for the digital advertising firm AKQA, she learned marketing for top-tier brands such as Nike. And last summer, Venetia was one of just 16 interns accepted out of 1,200 applicants to work at the marketing firm giant Arnold Worldwide. There she worked with top names such as Titleist, Tyson Chicken, and Carnival Cruise Line.

This intensive hands-on experience helped Venetia recognize her growing desire to apply her skills to promoting something other than the big brands. She shared, “The critical difference between my previous college and Gordon is the way Gordon shaped my character and faith.” At Gordon, she said, she learned to ask herself, “How will I affect the world?” Her Gordon advisor played an invaluable role, helping Venetia clarify what she wants to do with her education and marketing skills; her advisor also helped her with internship and job searches. As Venetia observed the success of campaigns against drunk driving, AIDS and tobacco, she was inspired to see the positive influence that marketing can have on opinions and behaviors. Venetia’s senior thesis is focused on developing similar educational marketing strategies for developing countries. “This is an area where I can make a difference.”


Venetia Breene