Mac Gostow

Mac has the ambition. Gordon gives him the tools to succeed.

It's a stretch for any college student to land a major technology grant, or intern with a TV network, or help start a radio station. Mac Gostow ’13 did all that in his first three years at Gordon. Then, fresh off his summer internship with the CBS News marketing department, he was off again—to study business in Turkey for fall of his senior year.

Mac arrived at Gordon with intense energy and curiosity, a love of knowledge, and a flare for storytelling. Energized by the campus community and by professors’ instruction, Mac developed a vision for how Christian marketing professionals and journalists can bring a community together for the common good. He's already made his mark locally, providing marketing assistance to a North Shore nonprofit and co-founding Gordon’s own Scot Radio.

The support Mac receives from Partners enables him to thrive as he seeks to reflect Christ and create positive culture through American media.

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