Damilola Junaid

Training to Bring Healing to Nigeria

"I hope to incorporate research work into the clinical aspect of my career. I believe I'm called to heal people—to give back."

Damilola Junaid ’14 grew up in Nigeria dreaming of becoming a doctor. She attended high school in London, England, and set her sights on the United States for college—wanting to be challenged academically and to study in a Christian environment. “Studying internationally meant I wouldn’t be around my family or have their positive influence on my faith,” she says. “But as soon as I visited Gordon, I knew it was the right place.”

As a freshman Dammy declared biology as her major—on the premed track. “I feel called to be a doctor. The more I study, the more my desire is reinforced,” she explains. She’s also passionate about pursuing a career that will allow her to help people and continue to study. This summer Dammy got first-hand experience in the field working with her stepbrother—a gynecologist—at a hospital in Nigeria. She observed surgeries and took extensive notes so she could gain perspective on how hospitals are run in her home country. She also thought and prayed about how her studies at Gordon could benefit Nigeria in the future.

Dammy has an exciting future ahead of her. But without the help of generous donors, scholarship money, an international student grant and significant financial aid, she wouldn’t be able to attend Gordon or achieve her dream. Please consider helping students like Dammy make a difference in God’s Kingdom.

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