Sport Studies Concentration & Minor

The sports studies concentration is part of the recreation, sport and wellness major.

Sport Studies Concentration

Love sports? With a concentration in sport studies, you will be prepared for winning career options in coaching, sports programming or administration in youth, school or community-based programs. It could also open doors for you to enter the fields of sport journalism, sport media and sport management. The Sport Studies concentration/minor introduces students to a broad perspective of the interdisciplinary nature of sports and prepares students for careers in one of the fastest-growing sectors in the country. Regardless of your career goals, your concentration in sport studies can also serve as a springboard for graduate work in sport psychology, sport medicine, sport sociology, sport history, sport philosophy, sport law and sport management. If you love sports, contact the Recreation, Sport and Wellness Department for more information.

Sport Studies Minor

Business majors interested in sport management or sport marketing; kinesiology majors who want to enter sport medicine or personal training; communication arts majors interested in journalism or sports information--all of these can benefit from a minor in sport studies. If you're majoring in education or yourth ministry, a sport studies minor can give you the tools you'll need for effective coaching and sports ministry. Students in the social sciences can integrate sport into their unique disciplines as well: sport psychology, sport sociology, sport history. The minor includes choosing four courses listed as a theory course.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students will gain a strong foundation of the interdisciplinary nature of sport. Students will be able to articulate their theoretical understanding of sport from historical, philosophical, psychological and sociological perspectives. Students will also have opportunities in practical application learning principles of coaching and sports management.

Student outcomes from individual course offerings include:

RSW271 Introduction to Sport and Recreation Management: This course will introduce students to the foundations of sport and recreation management. Students will learn the basic skills and competencies of planning, leading, and organizing required of sport and recreation managers in various sport and recreation-related organizations.

RSW272 Sport Sociology: Students will understand the relationships between sport and socialization, social mobility, racism, sexism, gender, deviance, youth sports, politics, economics, and religion.

RSW294 Philosophy and Theories of Coaching: Students will develop a personal philosophy of coaching and an understanding of coaching theories and organizational concepts. Students will learn the principles of coaching ethics, the inter-relational behavior of athletes and coaches, and be able to articulate the role that faith should play in sports. 

RSW368 Sport Psychology: Students will learn the major psychological variables that influence sport participation and behavior in sport settings. Students will gain a broad overview of the needs and purposes of psychology in sport and exercise.

RSW391 History and Philosophy of Sport: Students will become familiar with the historical and philosophical underpinnings of sport from primitive cultures to contemporary societies and their inter-relationship with cultural values. 

Students who wish to minor in Sport Studies (20 total credits) will choose four courses listed above and one of the following Leisure theory courses:

RSW115 Foundations of Recreation, Sport and Wellness (4 credits)

RSW330 Theories of Play, Games and Sports (4 credits)

RSW492 Theories and Cultural Values (4 credits)

Sport Studies