Jon Senning Testimonials

Jonathan R. Senning, Ph.D.
Mathematics and Computer Science
Years at Gordon: 1993-present

Ingrid (Snekvik) Libby, class of 1998
I will never forget Dr. Senning's passion & energy. He motivated us and made problem solving fun. I also will never forget his generosity and hospitality by inviting our class to his home for dinner. As a student away from home and perhaps a little homesick, going to his house to have a home-cooked meal and be around his family meant so much to me. This exemplifies what I love about Gordon faculty--you get a mentor as well as a teacher.

Michael Yee, class of 2000
Academically, Dr. Senning had a tremendous influence on my interests. He taught a mixture of math and computer science courses and had expertise that truly intersected both. Being a math/cs double major, having him as an advisor was a fortuitous match. He truly introduced me to "computing", as well as to the wonder of open source software like linux, octave, etc. (Dr. Senning was instrumental in converting me to linux, which I still use as my preferred operating system to this day!). Dr. Senning was also very encouraging of my personal interests (metaheuristics for optimization, artificial intelligence, etc.) and let me tailor my projects/papers accordingly.

Mindy Hofsass, class of 2004
Thank you for being a wonderful Calculus professor. I remember that you were very patient and fun, and always interested in your students. Thank You.