2014 Senior Class Gift

By a vote of the senior class, the Commencement Committee is pleased to present a new mural in the Lane Student Center in honor of the 125th Anniversary of Gordon College!

Throughout the year, seniors were vocal about contributing a gift that is not just sentimental but also meaningful for the campus.

Funding is raised solely by donations. More important than the amount donated is the number of seniors who participate. Please read below to learn about several ways to contribute!

Donate Without Spending!

In May 2010, we each paid a $50 room deposit fee. As we graduate, this is refunded to our bill. While this may be helpful, it may not noticeably reduce your student loan payments. That is why the Commencement Committee is offering the chance to waive the room deposit refund and donate it to the Senior Class Gift!

By choosing to waive your refund, you can donate $50 to a meaninful gift without spending another dime! The form to donate by this method will be sent to seniors via intercampus mail during the last week of classes.

Donate by Credit Card, Cash, or Check

The first link found under "Resource Links" will allow you to donate as little as $1 or as great as you are willing to give. Only credit cards will be accepted using this form.

In order to give by cash or check, please print off the second form under "Resource Links" and send it to the address below. Please note that donations less than $1 cannot be accepted.

Gordon College Development Office
Attn: 2014 Senior Class Gift
255 Grapevine Road, Wenham MA 01984

We are here to answer any questions you may have. Please contact one of the individuals below for further information: 

'14 (Director of Commencement Activities)
'92 (Director of Alumni and Parent Relations)

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