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Christine J. Gardner - Gordon College

... Gardner’s current research focuses on the intersection of sexual identity, spiritual
formation, and rhetorical agency among LGBTQ Christian college students. ...
www.gordon.edu/christinegardner/ - 13k

Equip Schedule - Gordon College

... She brings to her role at Gordon College a fusion of spiritual formation and psychology
and a passion for inspiring others to pursue an authentic relationship ...
www.gordon.edu/equip/schedule - 24k

Presidential Fellows: 2017–18 - Gordon College

... residential advisor for the past two years and co-advised the fourth cohort of Reveal,
a yearlong program dedicated to fostering spiritual formation within the ...
www.gordon.edu/presidentialfellows/bios - 39k

Lilly Fellows Program Seminar Schedule - Gordon College

... Painting [1435]); Educating future church leaders: using the arts in worship,
theology, and spiritual formation; Educating the laity ...
www.gordon.edu/lfpsummerseminar/schedule - 19k

Theme & Purpose: Lilly Seminar for College Teachers in Orvieto ...

... involvement in sophisticated use of the visual arts in the worship, liturgy, spiritual
formation program, devotional life, and evangelism and catechism work of ...
www.gordon.edu/lfpsummerseminar/theme - 24k

Kaye Cook - Gordon College

... An unlikely partnership? (DOCX). Spiritual Formation in Emerging Adulthood. Essay
distributed to Council of 125 (DOCX). Moralistic Therapeutic Deism. ...
www.gordon.edu/kayecook/ - 18k

Sharon Ketcham - Gordon College

Faculty and staff profiles at Gordon College.
www.gordon.edu/sharonketcham/ - 13k


... narrow utilitarian framework where preferences are given and the formation of
preferences is ... We are physical and deeply spiritual beings and there are risks in ...
www.gordon.edu/ace/pdf/Fall05F&E-Halteman1BR.pdf - 2006-11-14

[PDF] IGM ’ “OI ” E

... is possible to incorpo- rate the transcendent, the non-material, and spiritual into
economics. ... is an example of the Marsden category of agenda formation with a ...
www.gordon.edu/ace/pdf/intro-F&E42.pdf - 2005-02-28

Faculty IN Orvieto - Gordon College

... of replacing the collapsed Old Man of the Mountain rock formation in the ... Her spiritual
discipline as a pilgrim has inspired many pilgrimages on foot, including ...
www.gordon.edu/orvieto/faculty - 33k

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