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Art and Education Faculty - Gordon College

... His primary work as an artist and teacher lies in the area of sculpture, notably
stone carving, working in marble, granite and limestone. ...
www.gordon.edu/arteducation/faculty - 36k

Christian Art Colleges, Christian Art College - Gordon College

Gordon College is a top Christian Art College, developing your perceptual and creative
gifts in response to creation in all of its diverse forms.
www.gordon.edu/page.cfm?iPageID=286&iCategoryID=67&Art&am... - 18k

Notes On Monastero San Paolo: Reentering The Vestibule of Paradise ...

... water. Frescoes decorated the church in the sixteenth century, supplementing
paintings and sculpture focused on the altars within. ...
www.gordon.edu/lettersfromeurope/agneshoward - 70k

Design Faculty - Gordon College

... areas. They are artists who teach the very media they practice, including
painting, printmaking, sculpture, photography and design. ...
www.gordon.edu/design/faculty - 16k

Sue Trent - Gordon College

... Areas of expertise: Sculpture. About: Art Faculty; Painting Faculty; Sculpture Faculty;
Drawing/Printmaking Faculty; Art and Education Faculty; Home. ...
www.gordon.edu/suetrent/ - 11k

Sustainability Research - Gordon College

... Stone Table Suites, sculpture carved from recycled stone—cast-offs from the
construction trade using marble for tile, countertops, and the like. ...
www.gordon.edu/sustainability/research - 29k

2015 | Iceland - Gordon College

... cafes. We walked through halls filled with Icelandic painting and sculpture.
We visited the famous hot springs at the Blue Lagoon. ...
www.gordon.edu/jaf/iceland - 26k

[PDF] 04-05 Ac Cat 1-12/latest

Page 1. C OLLEGE G ORDON Undergraduate Academic Catalog 2004–2005 Page 2. AJ Gordon
Memorial Chapel Cynthia McMahon Page 3. G ORDON C OLLEGE U NDERGRADUATE ...
www.gordon.edu/download.cfm?id=56 - 2006-08-30

PAST / PRESENT: An Exhibition by Gordon’s Art Faculty | The Bell

... Shelly Bradbury, former Adjunct in Art—Sculpture Tanja Butler, former Associate
Professor of Art—Painting, Printmaking Lloyd Carr, Professor Emeritus of ...
stories.gordon.edu/.../ - 35k

Experimenting with Public Sculptures | The Bell

... breathing masks wrapped around a tree trunk, soda cans hanging in the Jenks
foyer—pulled together by students in Art 371, Experimental Sculpture. ...
stories.gordon.edu/experimenting-with-public-sculptures/ - 49k

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