Scholars Programs

Gordon College offers several programs seeking to advance the development of undergraduate scholars eager to connect their growing Christian faith with the knowledge and practices of their academic disciplines. In addition, the College offers numerous honors experiences, programs, and coursework to enrich learning in and beyond the classroom.

A. J. Gordon Scholarship
The A. J. Gordon Scholarship is awarded to incoming students who we recognize as emerging Christian scholars and leaders. The scholarship is awarded to top high school applicants who show advanced academic achievement, academic promise and curiosity, and who have engaged their local church and community with their time and talent. The award comes with a first-year honors curriculum. Learn more about qualification for the A. J. Gordon Scholarship.

The A. J. Gordon Fellows Program
The A. J. Gordon Fellows Program seeks to advance undergraduate scholarship and leadership for a select group of ambitious students eager to apply their God-given talents and gifts to a world in need of hope. Drawing from the rich heritage of Rev. Adoniram Judson Gordon and the ongoing innovations of Gordon College, we cultivate a cohort-based program including one-on-one coaching, small-group peer learning experiences, and a focus on personal scholarship and independent learning options. Learn more about the A. J. Gordon Fellows Program. A. J. Gordon Fellows are selected from among entering A. J. Gordon Scholarship receipients.

Other programs and honors
Kenneth L. Pike Honors program offers top students the opportunity to extend their undergraduate study through development of an individualized, creative, rigorous interdisciplinary academic major, or to complete an existing Gordon College Major or Minor in a unique way.

The Jerusalem and Athens Forum is an interdisciplinary honors program focused on the relationships between faith and intellect and their roles in deepening a student's vocation and their capacities for intellectual and moral leadership through the study of classic and contemporary literature, history and philosophy.

The Elijah Project is an innovative multi-dimensional honors program which seeks to call students to reflection and action in discerning their response to the needs of the world and the call of God in their lives. Students take seminar courses, live in residence together, and fulfil a summer internship opportunity.

Global Education at Gordon College offers a full roster of Gordon-sponsored and Gordon-partnered study away options for students seeking to extend their learning as near as Boston or around the world.

Academic Majors and Minors, including departmental honors options are offered in many of Gordon's 38 majors and 42 concentrations.