Lacy Tannous, Ferrin and Drew Hall

Lacy Tannous


B.A. in Psychology and Music, Gordon College, MA

Hometown: Kansas City, MO

What brought you to Gordon? 
After graduating from Gordon in 2011, I spent two years living and working as a member of a L’Arche community in Haverhill, MA. It was a countercultural experience that taught me priceless lessons in vulnerability, weakness, and the gift of being truly present to those around you. I represented L’Arche at a Career Fair on Gordon’s campus in Spring 2013, and much to my surprise, it rekindled my love for this campus and for college students. After weeks of seeking God’s direction and listening to input from my husband and other trusted loved ones, I stepped out in faith and applied to be an R.D. It is such a gift to be serving and living in Lewis!

What is your favorite part about working in Residence Life? 
My heart’s desire since college has been to live in such a way that who I am, what I do, and how I love are inseparable threads woven together to form a cohesive identity. Being back at Gordon in the capacity of a Resident Director is not only the fulfillment of a dream-it is an active, outward expression of my inward commitment to  live authentically in a diverse community united by faith in Christ. I love that my personal mission fits so seamlessly with the mission of Gordon’s Residence Life program.

What is your favorite thing about Gordon? 
The trails in the Gordon woods. Chester’s Place. Gordon Globes. The Center for Faith and Inquiry. Engaging student publications. The Elijah Project Honors Program.  FroYo. The Christmas Gala. Location (close to Boston, even closer to the ocean). The Panini press in the back of Lane. Soccer games in the middle of campus. Barrington Art Gallery. Wait…was I supposed to pick just one?

What do you enjoy doing during your free time?
Learning new things (I’m working on my first scarf!), songwriting and singing, photography, cooking for others, exploring castle ruins, stargazing, climbing trees, blogging and freelance writing, going to concerts, and (most of all) listening to the stories of others.

What is your favorite college memory? 
My apartment mates and I conducted a social experiment during the fall semester of our Senior year in which we sat at various places around campus for a set amount of time and kept detailed notes on our interactions with members of the opposite sex. We were putting some of the social stereotypes about the Gordon ratio to the test, and challenging ourselves to be available in a culture that prizes busy-ness and individuality. We were happily surprised by the outcome. (Note to all students seeking increased interactions with the opposite gender: sit in high traffic areas, take your headphones out of your ears, and smile!)

What is your favorite hall event? 
Lewis Airband. YouTube it, and you’ll understand why.