Life On Campus
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Katie Breitigan, Ferrin and Road Halls

B.S. in Educational Ministries, Houghton College, NY
M.A. in Higher Education and Student Development, Taylor University, IN

Hometown: Lancaster, PA

What brought you to Gordon?
The opportunity to serve full-time in a residence hall environment on a college campus committed to modeling what it looks like to daily live as a Christian in a continuously changing culture.

What is your favorite part about working in Residence Life?
The students! I love that as an RD I have the opportunity to serve and live alongside students as they journey through the process of becoming more independent and having to make major life decisions about their faith, their vocation, their social commitments and so on. And I love that I get to be a part of the funny and spontaneous moments that occur in the residence halls!

What is your favorite thing about Gordon?

I am really enjoying RD Dessert Nights—inviting each floor of residents into my apartment to enjoy a homemade dessert. It has been great getting to know my residents as well as providing them with the opportunity to get to know me. I love observing the dynamics of the floor and listening, as they tell funny—no, hilarious—stories about their lives.

What do you enjoy doing during your free time?
I take advantage of free time to catch up with my friends and family—they live all over the United States, so it’s great when I have time to call them! I love any opportunity to listen to music, play outdoor soccer, add to my reading list, expand my movie collection, and, of course, watch Steelers football!

What is your favorite college memory?
It’s hard to pick one! I think many memories relate back to friendly pranks we pulled on our RD as an RA staff. One of my favorite moments was managing to put a fake tree in her shower. The next morning we all received a witty poem she had written to describe her confusion and laughter upon finding the tree.

What is your favorite hall event?
The Ferrin MacRidney Grill & Chill! The kick-off event for Ferrin and the Road Halls at Gull Pond. I had a great time grilling out, making s’mores, and spending time in worship with our students. Simple, but great!