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Lewis Hall

Lewis Hall

Lewis has a cozy, warm atmosphere that’s often full of laughter and activity. People congregate in the lobby to welcome you back from class, the small floor size encourages depth in friendships, and the hall comes together for monthly events. From the traditions celebrated each year to the new friendships formed in the building, Lewis residents enjoy the blessings of life in community.

Here's what a few students had to say about living in Lewis:

"Lewis is a great dorm to live in, especially your first year. The RAs are very intentional in making you feel comfortable, being personal with you, and creating a fun homey space. Each floor has a theme, so it’s a nice little touch. Lewis is known for its intense community. We love eating dinners together (we kind of have our own table unofficially that we all sit at for meals together). It’s not forced community, it's just that Lewis is smaller dorm, so you are able to be more personal with the others in your dorm. I love it! Although it is one of the oldest dorms, it is honestly one of the best!"

"Lewis Hall is a great place to live. The RAs are awesome about having community on their own floor and within the entire building. Lewis' motto is "Lewis is for Lovers," meaning that it is known for its good community. All the floors get really close, the RAs really invest in our lives, and we have hall events all the time. The Lewis Events Council hosts events like a Clue Murder Mystery, Coffeehouses, cookouts, and other great events that bring the entire dorm together. Also, it is right next to Lane, so food is close all the time!"